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Blue Light Report - January / February 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a Merry Christmas. As seasons go, to me, winter is a time for reflection and a time to prepare for the upcoming spring and summer.

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Blue Light Report Central - March / April 2019

It’s the end of January as I write this report and most of the nation is experiencing historic sub-zero temperatures with negative wind chill factors.  It’s tough to pipeline in conditions like that.  Hopefully, by the time you read this, our 2019 work season, which is projected to be prosperous and plentiful, will be moving in the right direction towards kick-off. 

In my area, I currently have status details for three major projects.  Price Gregory has been awarded 44 miles of 20”, 10” and 6”, including fabrication in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for Semco Gas to go in June.  Sources also indicate that 29.4 miles of the Saginaw Trail-Phase 3 for Consumers Energy near Mt. Morris, MI, is scheduled to proceed this spring.  My conversations with the project land coordinator for TransCanada’s Ohio Buckeye Express project confirm a construction start of Spring 2020. 

Despite winter work being slow, January was still productive.  I met with the representatives of HDE Pipe Transfer and Mechanical at their main office in Indiana.  We had a good visit and a solid discussion highlighting the benefits of using Pipeliners Local Union 798 skilled labor.  Perhaps we can look forward to a future partnership.  We also had an impressive crowd in Tulsa with a record number in attendance for our January meeting.  You are the Union, and the lifeblood of any union is its members, and it requires participation.  The best way to stay informed is to take part in membership meetings; especially Steward School.  Make your reservations for the week-long event to brush up on the contract and ROW etiquette as well as learn about steward report changes and how to maximize your benefits.  Remember though; it’s not all work and no play.  We’ll enjoy the golf tournament, the Lincoln BBQ, the Ladies of 798 basket auction, and the Miller crawfish boil.  Steward School is also a good time to visit with your Officers and Business Agents.  Be sure to welcome newly appointed Business Agent Justin Head.  Congratulations, Justin.  Together in camaraderie, we can kick-off the work season in Tulsa. 

Until then, watch the job line and continue to advocate using the Action Network webpage.  As always, if I can be of assistance, please feel free to contact me via phone or email


Big Inch:

- Indianapolis, IN.  Install meter skid and valve setting in station for Energy Transfer.    Superintendent: Jim Shepler.  Welder Foreman: Layne Richard.  Working 6-10s.  Job complete.

Charps, LLC:

- Marshall, MI.  6” meter station tie-in and 42” hot tap for Vector Pipeline.   Superintendent: Daniel Bendickson.  Welder Foreman: Joe Foris.  Working 6-10s.  Job complete.

Contractors Rental:

- Portland, IN.  2”-8” existing line upgrade with booster pumps for Marathon Petroleum.  Superintendent: Christopher Randolph.  Welder Foreman: William Wells.  Working 5-10s.  Approx. completion 3-29-19. 

- Lima, OH.  2”-12” existing line upgrade with booster pumps for Marathon Petroleum.  Superintendent: Matt Hill.  Welder Foreman: Todd Caseman.  Working 5-10s.  Approx. completion 4-5-19.

Geeding Construction:

- Various IN counties.  8” anomaly digs for Buckeye.  Superintendent: Greg Geeding.  Welder Foreman: Lucas Hahn.  Working 6-10s.  Approx. completion 3-25-19. 

InfraSource Construction:

- Lima, OH.  8,000’ of 8” steel pipe replacement for Dominion Energy Ohio.  Superintendent: Larry Szymchack.  Welder Foreman: Steven Shelton.  Working 6-10s.  Approx. completion 3-29-19.


- Plainfield, IN.  3 miles of 8” steel pipe for Vectren.  Superintendent:  John Karlson.  Welder Foreman: Tim Talley.  Working 6-10s.  Approx. completion 4-15-19.


- Belleville, MI.  Remove filter connections and reinstall for Nexus Gas.  Superintendent: Spencer Fern.  Welder Foreman: Mike Green.  Working 6-10s.  Job complete.

- Clyde, OH.  Remove two filters in two different locations and reinstall for Nexus Gas.  Superintendent: Spencer Fern.  Welder Foreman: Joel Mills. Working 6-10s.  Approx. completion 2-25-19.

Minnesota Limited:

- Veedersburgh, IN.  Relocate 400’ of 4” piping for Vectren.  Superintendent: Chris Jones.  Welder Foreman: Michael Johnson.  Working 6-10s.  Approx. completion 1-31-19. 


- Sugar Grove, OH.  30” integrity dig for TransCanada.  Superintendent: Joe Bailer.    Welder Foreman: Sam Chapman.  Working 6-10s.  Job complete.