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Blue Light Report - March / April 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I have dedicated my report to only one subject because I, along with Justin and the rest of my staff, agree it is the most value we can provide the clients. And we need to continue to capitalize on it now while the opportunity is at hand.

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Blue Light Report Central - May / June 2019

“Unionism” is the policies and practices of labor unions, particularly those concerned with protecting and furthering the rights of workers. The very definition of unionism was on display in Tulsa this April at our annual Steward School. 

This event continues to be a success because of member participation, volunteers, and corporate sponsors all working together.  I really enjoyed seeing everyone and trust you all were able to make connections and gather the information that will help you going forward.  The most cherished resource we have is our retirees, as they have much wisdom that is both relevant and valuable for our future. I especially like hearing their stories at the Thursday night banquet.  Thank you for sharing. 

With the conclusion of Steward School, everyone is now focused on the work season which is still slow getting started in my area. However, it is picking up a bit.  I have pre-jobbed the 3rd phase of the Saginaw Trail, and hands should be dispatched for this project by the time of this reading.  The Price Gregory work in the UP of Michigan should also kick off soon.  Currently, I have multiple maintenance jobs throughout the region.   I would also like to welcome our new Michigan contractor, Holly Construction, who signed our National Pipeline Agreement in February.

Remember, that even though work is slow right now, working non-union is never an option.  Our April Membership Meeting addressed this issue.  We have been aggressively investigating and identifying 798 members who are working non-union.  These investigations have resulted in officially filing charges on those in violation of UA Constitution and By-Laws Sections 153 and 195A and Local 798 Constitution and By-Laws Article XIX Section 6 (working non-union and breaking the oath).  To quote Danny Hendrix from our Friday night meeting, “If you want to work non-union, you can.  You just CAN’T be members of Local 798.”  Don’t waste our time.  If you want to work non-union do us all a favor, write a resignation letter and send your book to Tulsa. 

Using the Action Network is still our best voice to secure pipeline projects.  Don’t stop using, visiting, and sharing our Action Network page.  We can’t let up!  We should be getting everyone we know on  The special interest groups are working hard every day to attack our livelihood.  We must work harder than they do.  We can if we work together, but it is going to take all of us and everyone we know.  Solidarity.  We will take NO DAYS OFF when it comes to advocating for our jobs.  Advocate, support, back, promote. 

Hope to see everyone on the ROW before the year is out.  As always, if I can be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to call me.    


Big Inch:

- Montezuma, IN. 24” tee replacements for Tall Grass Energy.  Superintendent:  Jim Shepler.  Welder Foreman: Ryan Usry.  Working 6-10s.  Job complete.

- Manchester, MI. 2”-24” high pressure natural gas piping for Energy Transfer.  Superintendent: Steven Shepler.  Welder Foreman: Ryan Usry.  Working 6-10s.  completion 6-15-19.

Charps LLC:

- Ithaca, MI. 16 miles of 6” lateral for Major Pipeline LLC.  Superintendent: Pete O’Toole.  Welder Foreman: Tanner Dremmel.  Working 6-10s.  completion 6-17-19.

Contractors Rental:

- Anderson, IN. 2”-8” existing line upgrade with booster pumps for Marathon Petroleum.  Superintendent: Matt Hill.  Welder Foreman: William Delik.  Working 5-10s.  Job complete.

- Speedway, IN. Valve installations and replacements on existing 8” pipeline for Marathon Petroleum.  Superintendent: Matt Hall.  Welder Foreman: Mark Eagleson.  Working 5-10s.  Job complete.

Foltz Welding:

- Lima, OH. 2”- 12” station work with booster pumps for Marathon Petroleum.  Superintendent: George McKinley.  Welder Foreman: Troy Hall.  Working 5-10s.  Job complete. 

- Lima, OH. 8”, 10”, 12” station work for Marathon Petroleum.  Superintendent: George McKinley.  Welder Foreman: Troy Hall.  Working 5-10s.  Job complete.

Global Energy Solutions:

- Hopedale, OH. 11,291’ of 12” new lay for Mark West.  Superintendent: James Vote.  Welder Foreman: Grant Glaze.  Working 6-10s.  completion 5-25-19.

Holly Construction:

- Melvindale, MI. Integrity digs for Buckeye Partners.  Superintendent: Charles Janovsky. Welder Foreman: Scott Sample.  Working 5-10s.  On-going blanket.


- Covington, KY and Southern Ohio. Integrity and maintenance in Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky for Duke Energy.  Superintendent:  Lance Cook.  Welder Foreman:  Steven Shelton.  Working 6-10’s.  completion 5-3-19.

KS Energy Services:

- Clarksville, IN. Station retro fit, installing launchers and receivers for Vectren.  Superintendent: Ben Gruetzmacher.  Welder Foreman: Rusty Wallace.  Working 6-10s.  completion 8-15-19. 


- South Haven, MI. ½ mile of 20” and 30” for TransCanada.  Superintendent: John Carlson.  Welder Foreman: Eddie Sims.  Working 6-10s.  completion 6-10-19.


- South Bend, IN. 24”-36” casing removals on existing mainline pipeline for NipsCo-NiSource.  Superintendent: Heath Petty.  Welder Foreman: Garrett Johnson.  Working 5-10s.  completion 10-15-19.

Minnesota Limited:

- Centerville, OH. 7,400’ of 20” lift and lay, launchers and receivers, plus valve replacements for Vectren.  Superintendent: Gary Hawk.  Welder Foreman: Tim Schwendiman.  Working 6-10s.  completion 10-1-19. 

- Evansville, IN. Various sizes and lengths of maintenance, hydro and replacement for Vectren.  Superintendent: Greg Frazier.  Welder Foreman: Francisco Serrazola.  Working 6-10s.  completion 10-31-19.

Price Gregory:

- Cincinnati, OH. Maintenance on existing transmission lines for Duke Energy/Piedmont Natural Gas.  Superintendent: Darryl Ditterline.  Welder Foreman: Carl Traweek.  Working 6-10s.  completion 3-1-20. 

R.L. Coolsaet:

- East China, MI. Perform integrity assessment on 1 mile of 16” transmission pipeline for DTE Energy.  Superintendent: Kevin Scully.  Welder Foreman: Paul Mullin.  Working 6-10s.  Job complete.

L. Morris and Sons:

- Kalkaska, MI. Emergency and call-out work for Consumers Energy.  Superintendent: Greg Morris.  Welder Foreman: Jesse Krumlauf.  Working 6-10s.  On-going blanket.

- Kalkaska, MI. Various launcher and receiver plus integrity work on high pressure transmission lines for Consumers Energy.  Superintendent: John Lantzer.  Welder Foreman: Mark Blaisdell.  Working 6-10s.  completion 11-1-19.

Snelson Companies:

- Morris, MI. 29.19 miles of 24” mainline pipeline and 1.25 miles of 12” take-up for Consumers Energy.  Superintendent: Jeff Sanderson.  Welder Foreman: William “Bo” Berry.  Working 6-10s.  Approx. completion 10-1-19.


  • Blue Light Report - March / April 2020
    Dear Brothers and Sisters, I have dedicated my report to only one subject because I, along with Justin and the rest of my staff, agree it is the most value we can provide the clients. And we need to continue to capitalize on it now while the opportunity is at hand.
  • Blue Light Report 2 - March / April 2020
    Dear Brothers and Sisters, I hope everyone’s year has gotten off to a good start. At the time of this writing, union contractors have picked up three more jobs in Texas under the Market Recovery package. This is great news, and we anticipate more to come.
  • Blue Light Report Dispatch - March / April 2020
    At the moment, work is slow at every level. In dispatch, we are diligently looking for work with other local unions by making phone calls every day.
  • Blue Light Report Benefits Update - March / April 2020
    New Pension Tax Table Installed Pension tax tables are updated in the first quarter each year. The new table for 2020 will be installed effective March 1, 2020.  Please review your deposit amount as of that date and after and let us know if you need to make any changes.