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Blue Light Report - May / June 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I would first like to say, “Tough times never last. But tough people do.” Pipeliners are some of the toughest and most resilient folks, but we are definitely being tested. We already had many enemies to battle, such as cheap nonunion contractors, biased judges, and extreme environmental protesters.

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Blue Light Report Central - September / October 2019

Although many of our anticipated projects have been pushed back this year, the pipeline industry has held a steady pace with maintenance, building trades, and new lay.

Every year will not be 11 million man-hours like last year.  We are continuing to gain employment in the building trades sector, which is a great way to maintain your integrity and make an honest wage.  No matter how big or small, these jobs are all important work and an integral part of how this country functions.  “Two-thirds of all energy we use daily is delivered through America’s 2.8 million miles of pipelines.” We, at 798, being the best pipeliners in the world, play a crucial role in our nation’s infrastructure.  

While touring Michigan this summer on job visits, both Snelson and Price Gregory expressed how pleased they are with 798’s production and quality on their new lay projects.  Throughout Michigan, I repeatedly heard from contractors and clients like Consumers Energy, DTE, and Buckeye that they all appreciate our safety and quality performance. Our safety and quality play a vital role in retaining our market share, which means getting called for more work. One of the projects we are looking forward to working on is Enbridge’s Line 5. In Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, I noticed signs in store windows and front yards both in support and against this necessary design. I was proud to see we had 3,400 members and Michigan residents sign our Action Network petition in favor of the Mackinaw Strait’s Line 5 pipeline. Job well done and let’s keep it up for all projects posted. 

When I visited with hands this summer, the popular topic was, “I see we’ve had some C-11s.  I guess we’re selling more books.” We are not selling books at this time. This term refers to Paragraph C, Section 11 of our Dispatch and Hiring Policies. This section states, “If the job orders are not filled by the Job Line or the Dispatch Office calls, the Dispatcher will contact the Local’s Business Agents to assist in filling the dispatch request.” The Business Agent will fill the order from their list of members who have been calling seeking employment. You can review the exact policy on our 798 website and click on the Dispatch tab.   

In closing, we have all lost a beloved and valued brother. Doyle Hendrix was a respected leader and dedicated member of Local 798. I knew Doyle my whole life and the world was a better place with him in it. Brother Hendrix set an example for us to follow. He will be missed greatly.   

As always if I can be of assistance, please feel free to contact me via phone or email  


Big Inch Fabricators and Construction: 

- Kentland, IN.  26” launcher, 3-26” drips and 4-26” valve replacements for Energy Transfer.  Superintendent: Jim Shepler. Welder Foreman: Paul Hofreiter. Working 6-10s.  Approx. completion 8-30-19. 

Charps, LLC: 

- Vandalia, MI.  4” meter site and tie-in to 40” mainline for Vector. Superintendent: Aaron Guthrie. Welder Foreman: Tommy Langley. Working 6-10s.  Approx. completion 9-2-19. 

Contractor Rental Corp dba CJ Hughes: 

- Dublin, OH.  Less than ½ mile of integrity and maintenance on 6” and river crossing replacement HDD for Marathon Petroleum. Superintendent: Jim Conner. Welder Foreman: William Wells. Working 5-10s. Approx. completion 9-10-19. 

Foltz Welding Ltd.: 

- Brazil, IN. Four anomaly digs for Marathon Petroleum. Superintendent: Kevin Cain. Welder Foreman: Adam Kandle. Working 5-10s. Approx. completion 8-16-19. 

Geeding Construction, Inc.: 

- Various locations in IN and OH. 42” anomaly digs for Tallgrass. Superintendent: Greg Geeding.  Welder Foreman: Dalton Clemmons. Working 6-10s. Approx. completion 8-30-19. 

- Lima, OH.  30” meter station for TransCanada. Superintendent: Greg Geeding. Welder Foreman: Edward Bohannon. Working 6-10s. Approx. completion 9-4-19. 

- Toledo, OH. 16” tie-ins for Buckeye. Superintendent: Greg Geeding. Welder Foreman: Andrew Gnade. Working 6-10s. Approx. completion 8-20-19. 

Henkels & McCoy, Inc.: 

- Marion, MI. Take-up and relay 4,200’ of 8” for Consumers Energy. Superintendent: Gordon Donnelly. Welder Foreman: Tommy Langley. Working 5-10s. Approx. completion 8-10-19. 

- Mt. Pleasant, MI. Installation of 25’ of 16” and 80’ of 12”, 1-16” MLV, 2-12” PLD valves for Consumers Energy. Superintendent: Bill Durren. Welder Foreman: Ryan Usry. Working 6-10s.  Job complete. 

- Saginaw, MI. Abandonment of high pressure 12” pipeline, cut/cap/fill road crossings for Consumers Energy. Superintendent: Joe Skerik. Welder Foreman: Teddy Payne. Working 6-10s.  Approx. completion 8-19-19. 

- Arnold, MI. 12” meter station for TransCanada. Superintendent: Mark Turnbull. Welder Foreman: Gary Mullin. Working 6-10s. Approx. completion 9-26-19. 

- Grass Lakes, MI. High pressure 4” interconnect with 26” tie-ins for Consumers Energy. Superintendent: Greg Skerik. Welder Foreman: Robert Koscielecki. Working 5-10s. Job complete. 

Infrasource Construction, LLC: 

- Covington, KY. (Work performed on Ohio side of river in Hamilton County, Ohio).  20” stopple installations for Duke Energy. Superintendent: Walker Stuart. Welder Foreman: Justin Teague.  Working 6-10s. Approx. completion 8-5-19. 

Michels Pipeline: 

- Clyde, OH. Unbolt pipe spool, remove and reinstall strainer for Nexus. Superintendent: Matt Ross. Welder Foreman: Steve Miller. Working 6-10s. Job complete. 

- Grand Blanc, MI. Installation of 5-24” mainline valves and associated piping for Consumers Energy. Superintendent: Matt Coly. Welder Foreman: Jeremy Bruns. Working 6-10s. Approx. completion 9-15-19. 

Minnesota Limited, Inc.: 

- Bloomington, IN. Integrity Maintenance work for Vectren. Superintendent: Tommy Alexander. Welder Foreman: Robert Turner. Working 6-10s. Approx. completion 10-1-19. 

- Detroit, MI. Station tie in and fabrication for Kinder Morgan. Superintendent: Duane Carlson. Welder Foreman: Jared Lene. Working 6-10s. Job complete. 

- Bronson, MI.  26” box sag for Consumers Energy. Superintendent: Tyler Royse. Welder Foreman: Brian Van Duyne. Working 6-10s. Approx. completion 8-6-19. 

- Terre Haute, IN. Integrity relocation of approximately 300’ of 6” maintenance for Vectren.  Superintendent: Doug Vaughn. Welder Foreman: Charles Houston. Working 6-10s.  Approx. completion 8-26-19. 

R.L. Coolsaet Construction Co.: 

- Twin Lake, MI. 400’ of 12” and 24” anomaly digs for DTE Energy. Superintendent: Kevin Scully.  Welder Foreman: Aaron Shaw. Working 6-10s. Approx. completion 8-31-19. 

Roberts Pipeline, Inc.: 

- Cambler, OH.  1,850’ of 4” relay for TransCanada. Superintendent: Bobby Westrater. Welder Foreman: Ryan Frey. Working 5-10s. Approx. completion 8-16-19. 



  • Blue Light Report - May / June 2020
    Dear Brothers and Sisters, I would first like to say, “Tough times never last. But tough people do.” Pipeliners are some of the toughest and most resilient folks, but we are definitely being tested. We already had many enemies to battle, such as cheap nonunion contractors, biased judges, and extreme environmental protesters.
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    Virtual Medical Visit option available May 1st   PIBF will be launching the MDLIVE program on May 1, 2020.  This is a virtual medical visit program offered by BlueCross BlueShield for active and COBRA participants and for participants where PIBF is the primary coverage.