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Blue Light Report - January / February 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a Merry Christmas. As seasons go, to me, winter is a time for reflection and a time to prepare for the upcoming spring and summer.

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Blue Light Report Northeast - May / June 2018

I am writing this report after returning from the 2018 Steward School. This annual event is an essential part of what makes us who we are as a local union. This year’s Retiree Banquet was a poignant look at the past. This event allows you to gain perspective on the fight those before us fought so that we could be where we are today. If you didn’t make it this year, I would plan on making it a priority in 2019.

Another item touched on was our advocacy participation, and sadly, our lack thereof. I have personally watched our advocacy turn the tide on gaining the permits we need to go to work on projects. If you attended the ASR meetings in Pennsylvania last summer, you know exactly what I am talking about. The first round of FERC meetings we attended were dominated by the opposition, but during the last round of PA DEP meetings, we had strong participation by our members. After we gained equal footing in these meetings, the PA DEP granted the necessary permits. Our participation also caused the opposition to walk out of the last PA DEP meeting.

The concept of creating an equal voice against the opposition doesn’t just apply to physically attending the environmental meetings. You can do this by making your voice heard by logging onto I’ve said many times that the opposition is extremely passionate, and quite frankly, they are more passionate than us right now. I’m sure if the opposition had a tool such as this, they would use it wholeheartedly.

Right now, their voice is louder than ours, and it’s up to us to start taking this seriously. If we don’t do this, we have no one to blame but ourselves. We need to be ready for a day when these projects start getting denied again like they did under the previous administration. The only way to get ready for that day is to start living up to our obligation and use the Action Network today!

The work outlook is astronomical. I currently have five of the eight MXP Spreads (Approx. 160 miles of 36”) and seven of the nine MVP (Approx. 305 miles of 42”) spreads pre-jobbed. Also, the ME2 and ASR projects continue in PA. 2018 is going to be a prosperous, but dangerous year. Please show up each day sober, ready to work and focused on safety awareness. I will see you on the ROW this summer, and I am excited to walk up some hills while on job visits.


Apex Pipeline Services:

-Glady, WV. Fab and Install. Superintendent: Eric Creel. Welder Foreman: Derrick Bennett. Mainline rates. Working 5-10s.

GPL Construction:

-Wallingford, CT. 8.7 miles of 16” street work. Superintendent: Michael Gaudette. Welder Foreman: Ken Jones. Special Agreement paying High-Scale. Working 5-10s.

Henkels & McCoy:

-Ripley, WV. 23 miles of 36” for MXP (Spread 7). Superintendent: Marty Moss. Welder Foreman: Jamie Hankins. Mainline Rates. Working 6-11s. 

-Hurricane, WV. 17 miles of 36” for MXP (Spread 8). Superintendent: Kenny Sweetin. Welder Foreman: Jerrid Wilcox. Mainline rates. Working 6-12s. 

-Hughesville, PA. 8.5 miles of 42” for ASR (Spread 2A). Superintendent: Tubby Long. Welder Foreman: Brett Mason. Mainline rates. Working 6-10s.


-Greensburg, PA. Integrity pipe and valve replace. Superintendent: Billy Burleson. Welder Foreman: Jody Kimmell. Integrity rates. Working 6-10s. 

-Manassas, VA. 9,500’ of 12” street work. Superintendent: Jeramie Brown. Welder Foreman: Gee Cuffey, Jr. Sprecial Agreement paying High-Scale. Working 6-10s.


-Tunkhannock, PA. Facility Interconnect. Superintendent: Colby Hutson. Welder Foreman: Derek Strong. Mainline rates. Working 6-10s. 

-Shirleysburg, PA. 7.1 miles of 20” and 20.8 miles of 16” for ME2. Superintendent: Kirk Baker. Welder Foreman: Brian Anderson. Mainline rates. Working 6-10s. 

-Moundsville, WV. 22,000’ of 30” and 22,000’ of 36” lift and lay. Superintendent: Brian Smith. Welder Foreman: Shane Sheffield. Mainline rates. Working 6-10s. 

-Drums, PA. 4,100’ of 24” take-up and re-lay. Superintendent: Carl Bubolz. Welder Foreman: Thomas Mitchell. Integrity Agreement paying High-Scale. Working 6-10s.

Otis Eastern:

-Canonsburg, PA. 9 miles of 20” take-up and re-lay. Superintendent: Danny Cox. Welder Foreman: Dave Marsh. Integrity Agreement paying High-Scale. Working 6-10s. 

-Cameron, WV. 30” and 36” interconnects. Superintendent: Earl McDonald. Welder Foreman: Billy Dufford. Integrity Agreement paying High-Scale. Working 6-10s. 

-Woodbine, MD. 10,000’ of 26” install. Superintendent: Butch Neidermaier. Welder Foreman: Andy Shingledecker. Mainline rates. Working 6-10s.

Price Gregory:

-Yorktown Heights, NY. 3.5 miles of 42” take-up and re-lay. Superintendent: Buck Hines. Welder Foreman: Jerry Haynes. Mainline rates. Working 6-10s. 

-Millwood, WV. 30.2 miles of 36” for MXP (Spread 6). Superintendent: Terry McDaniel. Welder Foreman: Billy Burns. Mainline rates. Working 6-10s.

-Mineral Wells, WV. 20.7 miles of 36” for MXP (Spread 5). Superintendent: Todd Burleson. Welder Foreman: Jeremy Padgett. Mainline rates. Working 6-10s.


-Port Jervis, NY. 7.7 miles of 36” plus associated 30” and 12”. Superintendent: Ronnie Michalkovich. Welder Foreman: Joe Meche. Mainline rates. Working 6-10s. 

-Bridgeport, WV. 34.8 miles of 42” for MVP (Spread A). Superintendent: Brad Moser. Welder Foreman: Jimmy Dick. Mainline rates. Working 6-10s.

-Bridgeport, WV. 30.6 miles of 42” for MVP (Spread B). Superintendent: Jim Cunningham. Welder Foreman: Dennis Jackson. Mainline rates. Working 6-10s.

-Sutton, WV. 33.2 miles of 42” and 1,200’ of 24’’ for MVP (Spread C). Superintendent: Rick Swing. Welder Foreman: Raymond Johnson. Mainline rates. Working 6-10s.

-Summersville, WV. 29.6 miles of 42” for MVP (Spread D). Superintendent: Joe Parrish. Welder Foreman: Billy Hawkins. Mainline rates. Working 6-10s.

-Pembroke/Blacksburg, VA. 33.7 miles of 42” for MVP (Spread G). Superintendent: Mark Wright. Welder Foreman: Harry Houser. Mainline rates. Working 6-10s.

-Elliston, VA. 26.7 miles of 42” for MVP (Spread H). Superintendent: Chad Thompson. Welder Foreman: Stephen Morris. Mainline rates. Working 6-10s.

-Rocky Mount, VA. 50.2 miles of 42” for MVP (Spread I). Superintendent: Kevin Olerud. Welder Foreman: Tim Gintz. Mainline rates. Working 6-10s.

-Manassas, VA. Trap mods, hydro, MLV replace. Superintendent: Cory Vandervoorden. Welder Foreman: Andy Davis. Integrity rates. Working 6-10s.


-St. Mary’s, WV. 20 miles of 36” for MXP (Spread 2). Superintendent: Richard Ludlow. Welder Foreman: Carroll Morris. Mainline rates. Working 6-10s.

Union Pipeline:

-Burgettstown, PA. 3.8 miles of 20” new-lay. Superintendent: Perry Rogers. Welder Foreman: Eric Raymond. Mainline rates. Working 5-10s.


-Edinburg, VA. Install valves and piping 1-36”. Superintendent: Chad Less. Welder Foreman: Boucher Mooney. Integrity Agreement paying High-Scale. Working 6-10s.


-Morgantown, PA. 16-20” testing, new-lay, bores, HDDs, fab, tie-ins for ME2. Superintendent: Richard Bailey. Welder Foreman: Boyd Catching. Mainline rates. Working 6-10s. 

-Washington, PA. 20” testing, HDDs, tie-ins, fab, new-lay for ME2. Superintendent: Rob Seebeck. Welder Foreman: Doug Gochneaur. Mainline rates. Working 6-10s.