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Blue Light Report - January / February 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a Merry Christmas. As seasons go, to me, winter is a time for reflection and a time to prepare for the upcoming spring and summer.

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Blue Light Report Texas - July / August 2019

We are finally starting to pick up some of the work in Texas. An abundance of cheap labor has been a lingering problem in this state for quite a while. In an effort to try to gain a portion of our market share, the UA and PLCA have developed a Market Recovery Strategy to try to make our fair contractors competitive in this cheap southern pipeline market.

There has been a lot of work across Texas for several years, and there is a lot more to come. Several large diameter and lengthy projects that have already been bid have gone non-union. Kinder Morgan let the Permian Highway Pipeline, 430 miles of 42” from Waha to Katy go non-union. Plains All American/Exxon Mobil let the Wink to Webster Pipeline, 650 miles of 36” from Wink to Baytown, Texas City, and Beaumont, also non-union. Both projects were bid under the Market Recovery Strategy. An astronomical amount of work is still being bid by our fair contractors, with the majority to be constructed next year. As we start getting this work, everyone should know what it takes to keep it. We must maintain our quality, productivity, and everyone needs to show up every day with a positive attitude. If we can accomplish that, I truly feel that we will be successful in the future.

If you are one of the members that received charge papers in the mail for working non-union, and you want to prove your innocence, go to the Social Security Office or online and get your statements for the past couple of years. The statements will identify every contractor for whom you worked.

If I can be of assistance to anyone, please don’t hesitate to contact me at (918) 633-3435. Never forget we are and always will be “THE BEST OF THE BEST.”


Hanging H:

- Denver City, TX. Integrity Management & Maintenance Work for Kinder Morgan. Superintendent: Bob Angelocci. Welder Foreman: Cody Haynes. Working 6-10s. Mainline rates. Approx. completion 9-23-19. 

Michels Pipeline:

- Midland, TX. Anomaly Digs for Northern Natural Gas. Superintendent: Travis Novack. Welder Foreman: Brian Straight. Mainline rates. This job is complete.

Precision Pipeline:

- CRC Houston, TX. Run procedures for Enbridge (Line 3 Replacement). Welder Foreman: Jimmy Dick. Mainline rates. This job is complete.

RMS Welding Systems:

- San Diego, TX. Supply Automatic Welding equipment for MPG, Epic Pipeline. Welder Foreman: James Doherty. Working 6-10s, Mainline Rates. Approx. completion 10-31-19.

- Kermit, TX. Double Joint 70 miles of 30” pipe for Exxon Mobil. Superintendent: Matt Steel. Welder Foreman: Robert Pugh. Working 6-10s. Mainline rates. Approx. completion 7-1-19.

Rockford Corporation:

- Donie, TX. 19.7 miles of 42” Mainline for Energy Transfer. Superintendent: Dickey Langston. Welder Foreman: Rodney Talbott. Working 6-10s. Market Recovery Project. Approx. completion 8-3-19.

Price Gregory International:

- Wink, TX. 65.69 miles of 30” Mainline for Exxon Mobil. Superintendent: Terry McDaniel. Welder Foreman: Billy Burns. Working 6-10s. Mainline rates. Approx. completion 10-21-19.