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Blue Light Report - January / February 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a Merry Christmas. As seasons go, to me, winter is a time for reflection and a time to prepare for the upcoming spring and summer.

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Blue Light Report Texas - May / June 2018

I have just returned home from Tulsa after attending the 2018 Steward School and April Meeting. I have some really great news to report to the membership. 

There is a good possibility we could get some big work in West Texas this winter. The bad news is, if the membership doesn’t start engaging, get off high-center and start advocating for our future, everyone will be working in Ohio and West Virginia for the next few years. It is imperative that you get on your phone or computer and join the Local 798 Action Network now. You are punching a button for YOUR JOBS, YOUR PENSION, YOUR HEALTH CARE, and YOUR RIGHT TO BE ABLE TO LIVE THE AMERICAN DREAM. If you are having problems signing up, don’t stop or get discouraged, just ask for help. Think of it like this: The Local 798 Action Network is like having a good box of rods, or a sweet welding machine, or maybe a spacing tool made from an old buggy spring. Your future depends on you!

Danny and Justin, along with the rest of the 798 staff, did an excellent job putting together another great Steward School. Thanks to every one of you for the countless hours and effort you put into making the event successful.  Thanks to all the members who invested their time and money to learn and to support their Local Union.  Think about how things would be if no one showed up at the union meetings or the Steward School. Everyone in attendance had the opportunity to leave Tulsa with a better understanding of the National Pipeline Agreement and how this union works.

The highlight of the Steward School was the Retiree Banquet. It was great to see those guys and to listen to some of their stories.  If God is willing, hopefully all of us we will be standing up there some day. Farron and his staff at the Training Center were on the ball.  The Lincoln Electric BBQ was great, just like the Miller Crawfish and Shrimp Boil. All of our sponsors are probably the most important thing we have going for us.  You are all Grand Champions.  Thank you.

The Inside Guards did a great job making things run like a well-oiled machine all week long. The speakers were great throughout the entire Steward School, and everything was explained extensively.

Jim Moss continues to inspire everyone.  Thanks, Jim, for what you do and mostly for what you have already done. The UA Pipeline Department was represented well by David Barnett and Mike Mikich. David, congratulations on your appointment to Pipeline Director, and thank you for being there for the UA and Local 798. Ellen Boardman and Mike Shelton did a great job on their presentations, as always.  

Congratulations to Bob Kime, Director of the Pipeline Industry Benefit Fund on his retirement, and to Renee Vause for her appointment as our new director.  Last but not least, THE LADIES OF 798 knocked it out of the ballpark this time, Great job, Ladies!

There are several projects being bid.  If we pick up some of this work, it looks like it will be in the fall or this winter.  If I can be of assistance to anyone, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Please work safe all day, every day.


Price Gregory:

-RMS Shop. Conroe, TX. Run 42” stick rod procedures for EQT “Mountain Valley Pipeline.” Superintendent: Greg Newcomb. Welder Foreman: Stan Campbell. Started 4-16-18. Completed 4-21-18.