• Blue Light Report - March / April 2019
    We recently finished the 3% allocation that you will receive on June 3, 2019, under the National Pipeline Agreement. All classifications have allocated 30 cents towards healthcare and the remainder of the raise will be put on your 401(k) benefit contribution. Currently, welders and journeymen on high scale work receive $6.89 per hour and helpers receive $3.48 per hour. With the additional monies, welders and journeymen will receive $9.30 per hour on 401(k) and helpers will receive $4.68 per hour on 401(k).
  • Blue Light Report 2 - March / April 2019
    We recently held our regular January Membership Meeting here in Tulsa, and I am proud to say that we had well over 300 members in attendance.  This was a great turnout for January, with many entering their Union Hall in Tulsa for the very first time. It’s always good to see so many members come to take part in the direction of this Local Union.
  • Blue Light Report Dispatch - March / April 2019
    “The unsuccessful person is burdened by learning and prefers to walk down familiar paths. Their distaste for learning stunts their growth and limits their influence.” - John C. Maxwell
  • Blue Light Report Benefits Update - March / April 2019
    PIBF at Steward School PIBF’s presentation Thursday afternoon at Steward School will include guest speakers from the Trust Company of Oklahoma who will cover helpful information on our 401(k) plan, along with guidance on Medicare and Social Security.  A representative from Cooper Clinic will also discuss the special pricing available to the membership for their preventative medicine program.  As in the past, the PIBF staff will be available throughout the Steward School for member questions.
  • Blue Light Report Organizer Update - March / April 2019
    Brothers and Sisters, I hope this report finds everyone doing well. I have been spending most of my time traveling in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma checking non-union jobs. These non-union jobs represent nothing more than an obstacle between the average working person and the American Dream. Non-union jobs demonstrate control by a small group of people over a much larger group, the working people.
  • Blue Light Report Mid-Atlantic - March / April 2019
    The January meeting was great, and the turnout was impressive. It was good to see so many of you take the time to come and show your support for your Local Union even though the weather could have been better.  
  • Blue Light Report Northeast - March / April 2019
    The 2019 Steward School is right around the corner, and I would like to encourage all members to attend. Steward School is an excellent opportunity to catch up with old friends and to make new ones. Most importantly, the contract will be read and interpreted so that we can all be on the same page heading into the 2019 work season. If you plan on taking responsibility or are currently in a leadership role, you should attend Steward School to better yourself, the contractors and the Local.
  • Blue Light Report Midwest - March / April 2019
    I write this Blue Light report from the Oklahoma City area where the organizers and I have been investigating the non-union contractors that keep the work in Oklahoma. I’ve had some opportunities to get some of our fair contractors on some of the gas companies bid lists but without much success getting any work.
  • Blue Light Report Central - March / April 2019
    It’s the end of January as I write this report and most of the nation is experiencing historic sub-zero temperatures with negative wind chill factors.  It’s tough to pipeline in conditions like that.  Hopefully, by the time you read this, our 2019 work season, which is projected to be prosperous and plentiful, will be moving in the right direction towards kick-off. 
  • Blue Light Report Texas - March / April 2019
    I have been getting calls from hands asking about going out on non-union jobs as salts. Salting a job will work and has worked, but you must get the job loaded up with over 50 percent of the welders and helpers to be effective. Everyone must have the same intentions, that is to organize the contractor, welders, helpers, and journeymen on the job that are doing our work.
  • Blue Light Report Southeast - March / April 2019
    I would like to start by expressing my enthusiasm for the outstanding turnout for our January Regular Membership Meeting.  It was truly overwhelming to see how many new members and first-timers that were in attendance.  It is always a pleasure to meet new members and be able to listen to any concerns that you may have. All of you are our future, and our future is looking very bright. 
  • Blue Light Report Southwest - March / April 2019
    I am writing this report while on an organizing trip to New Mexico. I would like to start this report by congratulating Brother Chad Gilbert on his recent appointment. He has been a great friend and mentor over the past 15 years.