• Blue Light Report - May / June 2018
    The 2018 Steward School has just concluded.  While it is impossible to put into words all that transpired for the week, I will try to give you a brief snapshot of the events. 
  • Blue Light Report 2 - May / June 2018
    Dear Brothers and Sisters, Steward School 2018 has come to an end, and I believe a good time was had by all. Thank you to each and every member and their families that were able to come to Tulsa and participate.
  • Blue Light Dispatch - May / June 2018
    I sincerely hope you were handed this Blue Light by your Job Steward instead of picking it up at your home address. By the time you read this report, I expect nearly everyone on the Out-of-Work Wheel to be gone to a job or at least packing up to get on the road.
  • Blue Light Report Mid Atlantic - May / June 2018
    I am writing this report after returning home from the 2018 Steward School. As in the past, this was a very informative meeting, as well as enjoyable with the fun events that were held. If you were working and unable to attend, you missed a great Steward School. Thanks to all the great speakers who spoke; they delivered good information to us to use out on the jobs and the areas we work in as well.
  • Blue Light Central - May / June 2018
    I have always thought of spring as the true start of a new year, a rebirth or new growth if you will.  It is ironic that our annual Steward School is always the second week of April just as everything is coming back to life, especially the new work season.  It is a great time to get together to refresh, learn, and get ready for the work load to unfold. 
  • Blue Light Report Northeast - May / June 2018
    I am writing this report after returning from the 2018 Steward School. This annual event is an essential part of what makes us who we are as a local union. This year’s Retiree Banquet was a poignant look at the past. This event allows you to gain perspective on the fight those before us fought so that we could be where we are today. If you didn’t make it this year, I would plan on making it a priority in 2019.
  • Blue Light Report Texas - May / June 2018
    I have just returned home from Tulsa after attending the 2018 Steward School and April Meeting. I have some really great news to report to the membership. 
  • Blue Light Report Midwest - May / June 2018
    The 2018 Steward School proved to be another successful event, as always. Your Business Manager Danny Hendrix, Financial Secretary-Treasurer Justin Wallace, and the Local 798 office staff, put together another great presentation to inform 798 members and guests about the National Pipeline Agreement that we work and live by.
  • Blue Light Report Southwest - May / June 2018
    I am writing my report while attending Pipeliners Local Union 798 Steward School. It has been a very rewarding time spent at the school. Being able to see and talk to friends is such a pleasure.
  • Blue Light Report Southeast - May June 2018
    I am writing this report after returning from the 2018 Steward School in Tulsa, which was an amazing week of fellowship and information.  It was very refreshing to see all the new members and their families and have a chance to reconnect with old and dear friends.