• Blue Light Report - November / December 2018
    Fall is in the air, and by the time this report reaches you, many of the places that we are working in will be downright frigid. 2018 has turned out to be another banner year. We have had some challenges with permits pulled on projects that had already begun construction.
  • Blue Light Report 2 - November / December 2018
    We are about to wrap up another year of prosperity for Local 798 members.  I hope everyone has been able to take advantage of the amount of work we’ve been blessed with again this year.  We recently had our regular September membership meeting.  It is always good to see everyone that’s able to make it to Tulsa. 
  • Blue Light Report Dispatch - November / December
    I want to take this opportunity to welcome our new Welders, Journeymen, and Helpers to 798. I hope you are making yourself familiar with our website and taking the time to read the Dispatch Policies on the Dispatch page.
  • Blue Light Report Organizer Update - November / December
    I hope this report finds everyone doing well. It has been a fantastic year for Pipeliners with plenty of work and man-hours logged. The work outlook remains strong, and that’s very encouraging.
  • Blue Light Report Mid-Atlantic Region - November / December
    I am writing this report after returning home from the UA Officers Seminar in Denver. Thanks to General President McManus and his staff for putting on a great learning event.
  • Blue Light Report Northeast Region - November / December
    The Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching, and the weather will soon be turning colder in the Northeast. I have been asked a lot about whether the MVP and ACP projects will continue through the Winter. My answer is, it’s still not clear.
  • Blue Light Report Midwest Region - November / December
    The fourth quarter came in strong and will probably close out 2018 the same way. What a great year for the best pipeliners in the pipeline industry. Our 798 men and women are the best bang for the buck for the gas and oil companies to get it done right and on time. Several of the jobs in the Northeastern states will not finish until sometime next year.
  • Blue Light Report Central - November / December
    This report is about a week too early as I am waiting to schedule a second meeting with Evans Construction.  Evans Construction is a family-owned company based in Canton, OH.  I hope that they will join the ranks of fair union contractors and sign the NPLA.  I remain optimistic that in my next report, I can favorably announce a new partnership.
  • Blue Light Report Texas - November / December
    We have just attended the UA Officers Seminar in Denver, CO. General President McManus, his officers, and staff put together another very informative and educating seminar. The apprentices that attended, especially the ones that spoke the final day, were very impressive.
  • Blue Light Report - November / December
    It was great getting to visit with all the members at the September meeting.  I also enjoyed seeing all the new members along with their families. Our Local is continually growing in record numbers.  If you haven’t made plans to attend the December meeting, make plans now.