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Blue Light Report - January / February 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a Merry Christmas. As seasons go, to me, winter is a time for reflection and a time to prepare for the upcoming spring and summer.

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Bluelight Report Dispatch - September / October 2018

If you have a job, hang onto it! It appears we have reached the point where most of our large projects are nearly fully manned. I believe we will have work through the fall of this year. However, it will not be at the rate we have experienced this summer.

Several large jobs that have been going since January and February are finishing up. These people will be getting back on the wheel after a short break, attempting to get that 2,200 hours for a double pension credit this year.

Having said that, if you have your 8-day letter, don’t lose it. Don’t let the 45 days expire. The opportunity to get sent to another job, in order to acquire a new 8-day letter, will probably not exist by the time you see this report. Pay for your book so you can get on the Out-of-Work List.  Apply for the job you want, instead of having to stand around taking the leftovers that members have passed on.

When you get laid off, call and get on the Out-of-Work List. If you get fired, call and get on the Out-of-Work List. If you quit, call and get on the Out-of-Work List. That one task can help get you back to work quicker. Once you do become a member, do not hold back waiting for a job. Realize that every week you wait, you are losing money you could have been making on a smaller job. Yes, there are advantages to taking a certain job, but make decisions, choose a job and move on.

I want to thank our members for getting out there and manning the work this year. There was very little hesitation once the work broke.  Our members were out there doing what we do best. Also, every seasoned member was an instructor this year. We had so many new Helpers and Welders that needed guidance in the way we do things. This leadership and spirit of cooperation has made the summer very successful.

I want to welcome our new members who have joined us this year. Obviously, many of you have spoken to members who just come over last year. When given the opportunity, there was no hesitation to join the ranks of organized labor, with health care, pension and 401(k).  You are wisely arranging provision for yourself and your family through your retirement.

I don’t want to forget our members who were rookies this year; those who bought their books last year. You came back in droves manning the work. It may have taken a little while to understand how the dispatch side works, but you quickly caught on, got out there early and went to work. Many of you were the ones who manned the work all winter when the going was tough. Again, I want to say thank you.

Everyone – if you are not working when the second week in September rolls around, come to Tulsa to the union meeting to discover what plans are in place for 798’s future. If not then, we have meetings the second Friday of September, December, January and April.  Attention new Welder members – remember to schedule your initiation test in Tulsa by calling 918-622-1900.

In closing, here are the latest dispatch numbers:

Dispatched Jan-Dec 2017  -- Dispatched Jan-July 2017 -- Dispatched Jan-July 2018

Welders: 1,330                         Welders: 932                             Welders: 1,117

Journeymen: 212                      Journeymen: 212                       Journeymen: 160

Helpers: 2,286                          Helpers: 1,558                           Helpers: 1,755

Total: 3,828                              Total: 2,632                              Totals: 3,032

**As of the date of this writing, the wheel has: 301 Welders, 29 Journeymen, 351 Helpers