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Blue Light Report - January / February 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a Merry Christmas. As seasons go, to me, winter is a time for reflection and a time to prepare for the upcoming spring and summer.

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Bluelight Report Mid Atlantic - September / October

We are well into the work season and as you are aware, it is great. We have jobs going in almost all parts of the country and still have jobs waiting to start. The work in KY is picking up as well.

I have held several pre-jobs and still have several coming up. FERC has approved the construction for two of the spreads in NC. These are 36” jobs and are approximately 60 miles each. Price Gregory and Rockford are the contractors. It’s looking like this work will be start manning up in early September.

As I have said, we have a lot of work going on and I would like to thank all the other UA locals for helping us man some of this work.  It is good to have enough work to use travelers on our jobs, because they have helped many of our members in the past when our work was slow.

The September union meeting is coming up soon.  I understand almost everyone is working, but it would be good for you if you can attend. I look forward to seeing those who can make it.

In closing, I just want to remind everyone that the prosperous times we are enjoying didn’t just happen by chance.  They were and are still being fought for every day.  Be Union, take pride in your work, and most of all, be safe.


B&G Pipeline:

Chapel Hill, NC. 7,200’ of 10”.  Welder Foreman: Frankie Wilbanks. Superintendent: Blake Friel.  Working 6-10s.  completion 10-13-18.

Ellenboro, KY. 36,274’ of 16” Welder Foreman: Naaman Warren. Superintendent: Thomas Born. Working 6-10s. completion 8-4-18.

Contractors Rentals:

Ashland, KY. 2-12” Launchers -Receivers plus Maintenance. Welder Foreman: Mark Eagleson. Superintendent: Jimmy Badgett. Working 6-10s.  completion 12-1-18.

Morehead, KY. 30-36” Integrity Digs. Welder Foreman: Trent Dickess. Superintendent: Tyler Gandee. Working 6-10s.  completion 10-20-18.

Infrasource Construction:

Covington, KY. 2-20” valve stations and meter run. Welder Foreman: Joshua Williamson. Superintendent: Walker Stuart. Working 6-10s. Approx. completion 9-30-18.

Price Gregory:

Erlanger, KY. 8” Anomaly Digs. Welder Foreman: Carl Traweek. Superintendent: Darryl Ditterline. Working 6-10s. Approx. completion 9-1-18.

United Piping Inc.:

Franklin, KY. 2,700’ of 30” take up relay.  Welder Foreman: Sam Anderson. Superintendent: Tim Darif. Working 6-10s.  completion 8-31-18.