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Blue Light Report - January / February 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a Merry Christmas. As seasons go, to me, winter is a time for reflection and a time to prepare for the upcoming spring and summer.

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Blue Light Report Midwest - January / February

What a great time to be a 798 Pipeliner! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas because 2019 will be a very Happy New Year if you stay the course and work all you can. The 2018 work season was great, and as a member, you had the opportunity to work as much as you wanted. The choices of jobs and locations available were just unbelievable. If you work hard, the job opportunities will keep coming your way.

The 2019 work season looks as good as 2018 to me. The Midwest states that I cover will have some Maintenance Integrity work as usual. The Keystone XL and Line 3 replacement are still on as far as I can tell. With all the work in the Northeast that will be finishing up and new work kicking off, 2019 promises to be another prosperous year for 798 members and this Local.

The permits are getting harder to get every year. The pipeline industry is rapidly changing, and this Local and our members must adapt to it. If you get emails or texts on your cell phone, you have the tool in your hand to help advocate for these permits. Get involved with your Local, punch a few buttons.  It takes about one minute. Your participation in the Action Network does all the hard work for you by getting the petitions and letters to the right politicians in your zip code or the zip code of the areas where these billion-dollar projects are on the line. The Action Network does work for you and me.  When FERC shut down the Mountain Valley Pipeline in 2018, everyone was asking, “What just happened? They can’t do that.” But they can and did shut it down with thousands of jobs gone in a flash. When FERC lifted the stop-work order, that was a great victory for this industry. We had over 6,000 signatures on the Action Network supporting the MVP that had a lot to do with getting our jobs back.

I have some sad news of the unexpected death of Bob Schoneberger. Bob was a co-founder of United Piping, Duluth, MN.   He also founded the organization, Jobs for Minnesotans. Bob was the best advocate for jobs I’ve ever met. The pipeline industry will miss him. God Bless his family.

Work safe and have a great 2019.  Always remember, United We Stand Divided We Fall.