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Blue Light Report - January / February 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a Merry Christmas. As seasons go, to me, winter is a time for reflection and a time to prepare for the upcoming spring and summer.

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Bluelight Report Southwest - September / October

I would like to start my report by thanking Q & D Construction for signing the National Pipeline Agreement. Q & D is a great company and already leads the road construction industry in quality construction for heavy highway and civil work in Nevada.

 I have no doubts Q & D will be a great pipeline company. They have been awarded four miles of 20 inch in Fernley, NV, for Southwest Gas. I am very excited for our members to get to showcase their skills for the company and client. Welcome to our family, Q & D. We will work hard to live up to our end of the partnership.

Michels continues to work on our maintenance contract for Excel in Colorado, and our market with them continues to grow. Xcel is very satisfied with the experience and craftsmanship they are seeing from Local 798 members.  The guys with the Snelson maintenance crew are also working hard and are acquiring more and more work for Xcel.

I have been told Hanging H will be doing a HDD in Utah soon. Hanging H has been aggressively bidding, and I’m sure they will soon be picking up major projects in the area.  Michels was the successful bidder for Suncor, and they are taking on a huge challenge with the strict B31-3 extreme welding code they are following. The welders on the job are working extremely hard and welding to a very high skill level. I’m very proud of our welders and the experience and professionalism they bring to the projects.

Charps, LLC, is working in Douglas, WY, which we hope will lead to more digs and sleeving work in the area. We’re thankful Charps is working in the West and hope they will be bidding and acquiring more work soon. I did reach out again to Arizona Pipeline and had a good conversation with their supervisors in the Pipeline Department. This is a good start toward working on common goals and hopefully to APL signing the NPLA. 

I was always told when I was young that we do not lose our work when it’s slow; we lose work and market share when we have lots of work. I believe this and as a group we must keep our standards high, organize new welders, and keep trying to sign new contractors. If you are a new member and have contacts with a non-union contractor, relay the message that 798 is the way to go. If we all work together, stay positive and communicate, we will have more and more great years like 2018. 

Please work safe and work Union. United We Stand, Divided we Fall.


Charps, LLC.:

Douglas, WY. 22 Anomaly Digs 22”.  Gas Company: Enbridge.  Welder Foreman: Brian McElhaney.  Steward: Mike Runion.  Working 6-10s. Integrity & Maintenance.


Lupton, CO. 7.6 miles of 16”.  Gas Company: Suncor Energy.  Welder Foreman: Shane Bowen. Steward: Jim Slavens. Working 6-10s. High Scale.

Q & D Construction:

Reno, NV. 5 Miles of 20”, 4.2 miles Demo and Relay and .42 miles of 12”.  Welder Foreman: Tom Weddell. Steward: Adam Stout. Working 6-10s. Integrity & Maintenance.