Support the Driftwood Pipeline NOW

I support the Driftwood Pipeline project, a critical investment in the Southeast natural gas infrastructure network that will increase regional access to domestically sourced energy while providing family-supporting jobs for Local 798 members.

Once operational, the 96-mile interstate pipeline will provide firm transportation service and will interconnect with up to 13 existing pipelines and gas storage facilities located in southwest Louisiana. The project will also include the construction of 3 new compressor stations, creating more long-term job opportunities for skilled labor in the area.

The project is expected to employ approximately 6,400 skilled laborers during the construction phase alone - many of whom are Local 798 members - and will support nearly 400 permanent positions once complete. 

In addition, I support the Driftwood Pipeline project for the following key reasons:

  • Increases access of domestically sourced natural gas;
    Provide reliable supply of economical energy for regional homes and businesses;
  • Creates family-supporting jobs for Louisiana labor – many of whom are Local 798 members;
  • Generates needed state and local tax revenue.

For the reasons listed above, I urge the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to issue necessary permits for the Driftwood Pipeline project without delay.

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