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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed a new rule for the Clean Water Act’s Section 401 that would prevent states from misusing their authority to deny permits for energy infrastructure projects. This proposal would help remove roadblocks for critical projects that support good job for Local 798 members!

Sign our letter below that we will submit to EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, urging the EPA to adopt this proposal. We will submit this letter before the comment period ends October 21!

Dear Administrator Wheeler:

I stand with Pipeliners Local 798 in strong support of the proposed rule for the Clean Water Act’s Section 401, Water Quality Certification. This proposed rule, which clarifies requirements for state and tribal implementation of Section 401, is necessary in order to provide the consistency and transparency during the permitting process, and it also ensures that all energy infrastructure projects comply with federal and state water quality standards.

Too often, we have seen states exploit the ambiguity in the existing Section 401 to deny needed permits for projects. This irresponsible action has delayed, or in some cases canceled, critical infrastructure projects in recent years, denying economic and energy benefits for residents and killing good jobs for local workers – including members of Local 798, which represents the most highly trained and dedicated industry craftsmen who are a driving force behind the construction and operation of our nation’s energy infrastructure network.

I support the proposed rule regarding Section 401 for the following key reasons:

- Helps protect impacted waterbodies while preventing any misinterpretation of the statute;

- Prevents states from exploiting ambiguity in Section 401 to deny construction permits for critical energy projects – cancelling or severely delaying said projects;

- Provides clarity and help regulators exercise consistency in their review of projects’ applications; and 

- Establishes fair and clear standards across the industry.

The EPA’s proposed rule for Section 401 will help strengthen the American energy industry, which will ultimately secure a better future for residents, business owners and construction workers across the country. This is why I support its swift implementation. Thank you for your consideration.


Supporter of the American Energy Industry