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Dear Secretary Bose:

Please accept this comment regarding the FERC's review of its pipeline permitting process.

I submit this on behalf of Pipeliners Local 798, a trades union based in Oklahoma that represents the highest quality of pipe fitters, welders, pipeliners and other industry laborers across the country who make their living on constructing and operating energy infrastructure. These men and women, along with the thousands of non-union and fellow union laborers, depend on the timely approval of pipeline infrastructure projects to provide for their families.

FERC's current permitting process has proven to be fair and transparent, allowing ample opportunities for public input and for unique feedback from stakeholders such as landowners and community leaders. In fact, our members frequently take the opportunity to share our input on the record regarding specific natural gas infrastructure projects. 

Thanks to timely pipeline approvals, Local 798 members logged millions of man hours in 2017 alone, and this year we expect to yield just as many - if not more - man hours. A change to the permitting process could stall or halt critical energy infrastructure and negatively impact family-supporting jobs for our members and countless other American laborers.

We need your help to ensure American families and businesses have access to reliable, affordable and domestically sourced energy, while securing good jobs for hard-working men and women across the country.

I urge the FERC to develop a certification review process that maintains this current level of transparency, timing and predictability to ensure important pipeline projects receive fair regulatory review and timely approval. 

Thank you for considering this comment.