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The United States has benefited greatly from the natural gas industry’s growth. Thanks to this industry’s maturity, we have provided America’s laborers with secure jobs, created economic diversity in small towns and helped the nation take strides towards energy independence. The Appalachian region has emerged as a key player in natural gas production. The current system does not have the capacity to reach critical Midwestern markets.

The Adair Southwest Project will provide shippers with the opportunity to deliver additional natural gas supplies – up to 200,00 dekatherms per day – from the Appalachian region to hungry markets in America’s heartland. Construction will immediately create thousands of jobs for hardworking men and women in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky. And once in operation, permanent jobs will be in place for local laborers across the region. This is not to mention the increased tax revenue generated that can be used to fund libraries, firehouses, schools and other public services.

The impact on landowners will be minimal at most, as the project will include improvements of many shared facilities with Access South and Lebanon Extension. Shared infrastructure includes 16 miles of pipeline relay or loop within or adjacent to existing Texas Eastern ROW; additional compression at existing stations; three existing receipt meters converted for bi-directional flow; various other modifications to existing facilities.

As more Americans use natural gas as a heating fuel and for electric generation, and as the electric power sector shifts from petroleum and coal to natural gas, the demand for this clean energy resource will increase even more. The Adair Southwest Project is a key solution to this impending regional demand, and more projects like it is needed throughout the country to meet these growing demands.

I believe it is important to the economic and energy future of the Appalachian region and the Midwest that our elected officials and decision makers truly understand the significance of this proposed infrastructure. Please join me in support of the Adair Southwest Project, and encourage its completion without delay.