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**Project Update** On September 17, FERC submitted a letter to Dominion Energy stating it will allow construction to resume on the Atlantic Coast pipeline, weeks after work was halted when a federal appeals court threw out two key permits for the 600-mile (965-kilometer) natural gas pipeline. THANK YOU to the more than 2,600 members and supporters who signed our comment we submitted to FERC urging the commission to ensure the timely construction of ACP. This is a critical victory for our members whose jobs were put in jeopardy when FERC issued the stop work order over the summer, but it is not the end of our fight.

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The demand for energy in this country is growing substantially every year and does not look to be slowing any time soon. As we look to resources to meet this rising demand, natural gas has proven to be the most viable option. This clean-burning source is reliable, cost-effective, abundant and best of all – it’s found right here in our own backyard. Americans are ready for complete independence from foreign oil, and while renewable energy is a respectable long-term goal, we are not at a point where renewables are a viable option. Families simply cannot afford the costs, and our power grid cannot bank on an unreliable power source that is unable to meet our current power needs, let alone the power demands of future generation. 

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline will bring affordable, clean natural gas to families and small businesses in North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. This will offer new job opportunities for our hard-working men and women, while providing a welcomed an overall economic boost to the region. Construction alone will provide local laborers with 17,240 new jobs, and the business development surrounding the pipeline and its four transmission stations will require over 2,200 new created jobs.

We are already seeing local hands at work. Dura-Bond Industries – which is based in neighboring Pennsylvania – has begun producing pipe for the infrastructure and plans to hire 150 employees to run a second shift of union workforce in order to meet the project schedule. This is just one example of a local business working with local laborers to transport domestically-produced energy through American-made infrastructure to our homes. 

I believe that we should all be committed to creating jobs for our dedicated labor force. Atlantic Coast Pipeline is a multi-billion-dollar private investment in our region’s energy infrastructure, providing an opportunity to put thousands of Americans in our region to work and helping millions of residents to gain access to affordable, reliable, environmentally responsible and domestically produced energy. The benefits associated with Atlantic Coast are exactly why elected officials work so hard to develop strategies for safe and responsible pipeline developments that will bring resources to markets throughout the region.

It is crucial that our elected officials and decision makers fully recognize the significance of this critical energy infrastructure project in order to secure the economic and energy future of North Carolina, the Virginias and the surrounding region. Please support Atlantic Coast Pipeline and encourage the completion of this critical project without delay.