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The U.S. Supreme Court announced in October 2019 that it will rule on a key permit that would let the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) cross under the Appalachian Trail. The justices are expected to hear arguments early next year and rule by early July 2020.

In anticipation of this important decision, we are continuing to collect signatures on the below petition that we will submit to regulators and elected officials in support of the critical project. More than 2,500 Local 798 members and industry advocates have signed. ADD YOUR NAME NOW!

Please note: Local 798 will submit this to state and federal regulatory bodies, in addition to elected officials, in support of the Atlantic Coast pipeline.

I support the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a critical project that will bring affordable, clean natural gas to families and small businesses in North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. This project will offer new job opportunities for our hard-working men and women, while providing a welcomed economic boost to the region. Construction alone will provide local laborers with approximately 17,240 new jobs, and the business development surrounding the pipeline and its four transmission stations will require over 2,200 new created jobs.

We are already seeing local hands at work. Dura-Bond Industries – which is based in neighboring Pennsylvania – has begun producing pipe for the infrastructure and plans to hire 150 employees to run a second shift of union workforce in order to meet the project schedule. This is just one example of a local business working with local laborers to transport domestically-produced energy through American-made infrastructure to our homes.

I support the Atlantic Coast Pipeline due to the following economic and energy benefits: 

- Support more than 17,000 thousands of jobs for skilled craftsmen in the region, many of whom are Local 798 members;

- Generate $29 million in annual local property tax revenue, which could be invested schools, roads, parks, first responder stations and other public services;

- Create $2.7 billion in economic activity;

- Provide access to reliable and cost-effective natural gas to residents across the region.

It is crucial that our elected officials and decision makers fully recognize the significance of this project in order to secure the economic and energy future of North Carolina, the Virginias and the surrounding region. Please support Atlantic Coast Pipeline and encourage the completion of this critical project without delay.


Atlantic Coast Pipeline Supporter