Support the Millennium Eastern System Upgrade

I urge regulators and elected officials to join me in support Millennium Pipeline Company’s proposed Eastern System Upgrade project.

This project will deliver the energy New York deserves, while generating approximately $300 million in new economic activity in the region. Energy consumers in the Northeast already pay nearly 30 percent more for natural gas than the national average and over 40 percent more for electricity. New Yorkers, in particular, face increasingly heightened energy costs. Millennium Pipeline Co. has proposed this project to both alleviate this constraint and boost local economic activity.

If approved, the Eastern System Upgrade project will transport increased quantities of affordable, reliable and environmentally responsible natural gas to consumers throughout the region.

I support the Eastern System Upgrade project because of the following key benefits:

  • Inject approximately $275 million in the New York economy;
  • Save New Yorker electric consumers an estimated $495 million over the first 10 years of service;
  • Create an estimated 300 well-paying construction jobs;
  • Add an estimated $1 million in tax revenue annually for Sullivan and Orange counties.

Timely approval is critical to keep this project on track to begin service in fall 2018. The people of New York can’t afford to wait.

For these reasons, I request key decision makers to approve necessary permits for this critical project without delay.


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