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Americans of all ages and political persuasion agree that energy independence should be a goal of our elected officials. While renewable energy is a respectable desire, we are not at a point where renewables are a viable option. Families simply cannot afford the costs, and our power grid cannot bank on an unreliable power source that is unable to meet our current power needs, let alone the power demands of future generation. 

The Impulsora Pipeline project would not only make it possible to tap into this energy resource found in our own backyard, but it will also allow us to become a leading exporter of the energy of the future. The Impulsora Pipeline would transport natural gas from the Eagle Ford Shale in Texas, specifically the HEP Webb County Hub, to markets in northern Mexico. The 190-mile pipeline will directly connect South Texas to Monterrey, Mexico, creating thousands of jobs for Texan laborers and opening a door to a global market that is eager to purchase this American-produced energy.

The demand for natural gas has grown exponentially over the past decades, and it does not look to be slowing down any time soon. In fact, national natural gas production is forecast to increase by 44% by 2040. The current pipeline system does not have the capacity to transport the current production rate, let alone any large increase. The Impulsora Pipeline is the expansion we need to address this shortage.

As citizens around the world use natural gas as a heating fuel and for electric generation, and as the electric power sector shifts from petroleum and coal to natural gas, the demand for this clean energy resource will increase even more. The Impulsora Pipeline is a key solution to this impending regional, national and global demand.

Please join me in supporting America’s growth as an energy-dependent, exporting member of a growing global marketplace by approving the Impulsora Pipeline Project.