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As natural gas production continues to grow in the Marcellus and Utica shale plays, Columbia Gas Transmission has been working closely with natural gas producers to provide new transportation options to deliver gas from the capacity-constrained supply basin to the interstate market. By connecting production areas to the Columbia Gas Transmission mainline system, the Leach XPress project will help move domestic natural gas to high-demand energy markets an provide access to affordable, clean and abundant domestic natural gas supplies.

In addition to generating substantial local economic benefits, the Leach XPress project will be designed, constructed and operated with a core focus on safety and respect for landowners and local natural resources. Columbia’s efforts to meet and exceed safety and environmental standards have earned the company awards and recognition from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the American Gas Association.

Columbia has already begun extensive outreach to landowners and communities along the project route. The Leach XPress project team continues to work closely with landowners, local officials and communities to provide up-to-date information and ensure community involvement in the process.

The Leach XPress project is a $1.4 billion investment that will enable the safe transport of approximately 1.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas from the heart of the Appalachian supply basin to natural gas consumers. When completed, this important infrastructure project will supply this region with domestic, clean-burning natural gas for generations to come.

As a creator of project-related jobs and new local tax revenue, the Leach XPress investment reaffirms our partnership with communities through this important region. This is exactly the type of project that is necessary to move critical natural gas supplies throughout the country. Please put your support behind this project and make sure it meets the scheduled in-service date. 

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