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Enbridge continues to work with state and federal permitting agencies to finalize the permits required to start construction in Minnesota and enable completion of the $2.9 billion U.S. portion of the project.

Thousands of jobs are in jeopardy, many belonging to Local 798 members! Help us collect signatures on the below petition that we will submit to regulators and other decision makers at the appropriate time.

I proudly support the Line 3 Replacement Project. Once in operation, Line 3 will provide a much-needed update to Enbridge’s Mainline System, ensuring that it continues to safely transport energy required to meet growing demands from eastern Canada to the Gulf Coast.

The project has already undergone unprecedented environmental review, culminating with the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS), which was based on the most extensive environmental study of a pipeline project in Minnesota state history. After careful review of the FEIS, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission has approved the certificate of need, route permit and environmental review for the project, and I believe other permitting agencies should offer similar support for the following key reasons:

  • Enbridge has demonstrated plans to restore 99.98% of the potential wetland impacts during construction;
  • Replacing aging infrastructure is critical in order to safely meet the region’s growing demand for reliable energy;
  • Construction will support approximately 1,500 jobs in Minnesota alone;
  • Project activity will generate critical tax revenue in each county the project intersects while providing a multi-billion-dollar boost to the regional economy.

The people of North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin deserve the tremendous economic and energy benefits associated with this critical infrastructure project. This is why I support the Line 3 Replacement Project and urge swift approval of necessary permits and certifications.


Line 3 Replacement Project Supporter

**Local 798 may submit your signature to state and federal regulatory bodies, elected officials and other decision makers in support of the Line 3 Replacement project.**

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