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The country has benefited greatly from the natural gas industry’s growth. It has contributed billions to the national economy and positioned the Northeast, specifically, as a leading energy-producing region. It is well documented, however, that this region currently lacks the necessary infrastructure to connect its energy production with key consuming markets across the Commonwealth.

Mariner East II would play a critical role in the solution. The project would be a 300-mile extension to the existing Sunuco Mariner East pipeline system, which was recently upgraded to transport natural gas liquids from Ohio and the Pittsburgh area to its Marcus Hook Facility in Delaware County. Marine East II would transport affordable, clean natural gas to families and small businesses across an additional 17 counties in Pennsylvania.

Thousands of jobs will be created during the construction phase alone, and the communities through which this infrastructure runs will enjoy a tremendous economic boost. This is welcomed news for the hard-working men and women of the Commonwealth, as it would cross 5 counties in the Pennsylvania Southwest, 10 counties in the South-Central region and 2 counties in the Southeast region. Besides the jobs created for pipeline construction and operation, full-time opportunities will be given to local laborers for the construction of new pump stations, expansion of existing stations and the 24-hour staffing required during their operation.

I believe that we should all be committed to creating jobs for our dedicated labor force. Mariner East II is a valuable investment in our region’s energy infrastructure, providing an opportunity to put thousands of Americans in our region to work and helping millions of residents to gain access to affordable, reliable, environmentally responsible and domestically produced energy. The benefits associated with Mariner East II are exactly why elected officials work so hard to develop strategies for safe and responsible pipeline developments that will bring resources to markets throughout the region.

It is crucial that our elected officials and decision makers fully recognize the significance of this critical energy infrastructure project to secure the economic and energy future of the Commonwealth and our neighboring regions. Please support Mariner East II and encourage the completion of this critical project without delay.