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The Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline project is the opportunity that Southern Oregon needs for future economic growth. The regional benefits of this infrastructure’s development are tremendous: thousands of good-paying jobs would be created, labor income would exceed $330 million, and four struggling Oregon counties would become a key component of a growing industry that is taking the nation one step closer towards energy independence. A particularly exciting outcome is how Pacific Connector will improve Coos Bay and Southern Oregon’s ability to attract new industry, strengthen established businesses, and boost economic diversity.

Williams has operated natural gas pipelines throughout Oregon for the past 50-plus years, creating great economic opportunities along their paths. Pacific Connector promises to deliver these same benefits to the infrastructure’s surrounding counties. Construction alone will add approximately $600 million to the economies of Coos, Douglas, Jackson and Klamath counties. Long-term benefits are just as impressive: once in place, Pacific Connector will generate an average of $3 million in tax revenue every year in each of those four counties through which the 232-mile-long pipeline travels. This will inevitably attract new manufacturing interests to the region and help established businesses grow.

It is clear Pacific Connector would be a vital infrastructure and a key part of a Southern Oregon economic boost. I urge FERC to approve this promising infrastructure and to help this region’s hard-working people enjoy the economic security they deserve.