Issue 102 & 105 Permits Now

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Pennsylvania has a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the abundant natural gas deposits within the Marcellus and Utica shale basins. Natural gas is a clean, reliable resource that can heat our homes, power our businesses and manufacture the products that we depend on in our everyday lives. 

In all, Atlantic Sunrise is a $3 billion private investment that will expand Pennsylvania’s energy infrastructure, spur economic growth and put thousands of local laborers to work. The people of this state cannot afford for this opportunity to slip away. 

The PA DEP should approve necessary permits for Atlantic Sunrise due to the following key benefits:

     Create approximately 8,000 direct and indirect jobs in the project area;

     Inject $1.6 billion into regional and state economies;

     Provide $870 million in economic value during the construction period;

     Secure access to affordable, reliable Pennsylvania natural gas to millions of Americans.

The Chapter 102 and 105 permit applications reflect the cooperation and collaboration Williams has demonstrated with PA DEP, as well as federal and state permitting agencies, to avoid or minimize impacts to wetlands, waterbodies and other sensitive environmental areas. Williams will implement its best-management practices during construction and restoration to mitigate potential impacts associated with installation of the project.  

We need clean, reliable and domestic energy now. For us, and millions of Americans, Atlantic Sunrise is not just a pipeline. It represents a prosperous future for Pennsylvania and a step towards energy independence. 

We urge the PA DEP to approve Chapter 102 and 105 permits for Atlantic Sunrise without delay.