Buster Hawk

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    I’ve always enjoyed working with #798 hands, I’m a Teamster and a Boilermaker and everyone I’ve met or worked with were so kind and professional. I’ve wondered at times what my life would be like if I was a #798 hand perhaps like Tim Reed in Lisbon,Ohio I’d guess.

    Anyways I HOPE #798 and the rest of the UNIONS show Washington D.C. what a Strong Union is by exercising strength for jobs we ALL need to take care of our families and quit letting D.C. run us! God Bless all the Union Workers.

    Northern Access

    About the project

    As the fourth largest natural gas consuming state in the country, New York runs on natural gas. Integral to the New York state economy, the use of natural gas and the pipeline infrastructure that delivers gas from neighboring states not only provides clean, homegrown, abundant, reliable and affordable energy, but also provides good-paying jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for communities nationwide.

    The Northern Access pipeline will provide an outlet for natural gas production in north-central Pennsylvania, connecting it to the interstate pipeline system. That system connects to markets in the northeastern U.S. and mid-Atlantic regions as well as eastern Canada. The new sections of pipeline will interconnect specifically with the existing Trans Canada and Tennessee Gas Pipeline systems.

    The project awaits a clean water certification from the New York State DEC before construction can begin.

    Click here to view the project website.