Lynn Blackmon

  • commented on PennEast Project 2020-10-20 06:15:27 -0500
    It’s time everyone of us in welding/fabrication business that serve those needs to any part of the fossil industry to stand together for our trade. I am not a union member but have been in the welding/fabrication business since 1975 and have never seen a time when our living has been more threatened by politics than now. It’scommon knowledge not everyone ageees on working union or non union but we should stand together in support of our industry.I have great respect to the union pipeline members and all the time it takes to perfect their skills and strive as we do to be the best of what we do. We can all clearly see from Washington how ugly and non productive it is to battle each other and create problems instead of solving problems together. We need to stop calling names and start supporting each other. We are not fighting for union or non union we are fighting for our profession. I know there are union and non union extremist who will disagree and criticize my comments,believe me I’ve heard this before from both sides. However I am right on this- the environmentalist want to put us all out of work. So I am proud to support your Action Network and hope you will accept that support.

    PennEast Project

    About the project

    A nearly $1 billion investment, this 120-mile underground pipeline will originate in Dallas, Luzerne County, in northeastern Pennsylvania, and terminate at Transco’s interconnection near Pennington, New Jersey. It will serve to reduce energy costs and support thousands of jobs with clean-burning, American energy. Ultimately, the PennEast Pipeline will help utilities deliver this affordable energy source to families and businesses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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