Tell FERC to Extend the ACP Deadline!

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Project developers have requested an extension – until October 2022 – with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to complete ACP in West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina and the related Supply Header Project in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  


This extension is necessary to ensure good pipeliner jobs, many belonging to Local 798 members, and a safe completion of the critical ACP project! Sign our petition below that we will submit to FERC before the public comment period ends THURSDAY, JULY 2. 

Please note: Local 798 will submit this to state and federal regulatory bodies, in addition to elected officials, in support of the Atlantic Coast pipeline.

RE: Docket IDs CP15-554-000 and CP15-555-000, Atlantic Coast Pipeline Project Deadline Extension

Dear Secretary Bose:

I am writing in strong support of approving a construction timeline extension for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), a critical project that will bring affordable, clean natural gas to families and small businesses in North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

An extended deadline for construction of this project would continue to provide reliable work opportunities in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina for contractor partners and local tradesmen, while providing a welcomed economic boost to the region. Many of those workers impacted are proud members of Local 798, a trades union that represents the best pipe fitters, welders and other industry craftsmen who depend on projects like this to provide for their families. Our members undergo extensive and continual training and have a long history of constructing safe and efficient energy infrastructure like Atlantic Coast across the country.

I support a construction timeline extension for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline because it will help accomplish the following: 

- Support more than 17,000 thousands of jobs for skilled craftsmen in the region, many of whom are Local 798 members;

- Generate $29 million in annual local property tax revenue, which could be invested schools, roads, parks, first responder stations and other public services;

- Create $2.7 billion in economic activity;

- Provide access to reliable and cost-effective natural gas to residents across the region.

The benefits associated with Atlantic Coast are exactly why elected officials work so hard to develop strategies for safe and responsible pipeline developments that will bring resources to markets throughout the region. This is why I urge FERC and other decision makers to approve a construction timeline extension for this critical project. 


Atlantic Coast Pipeline Supporter

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