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The Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) is seeking an incidental harassment authorization (IHA) related to the proposed Alaska LNG Project from the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). This proposed IHA is critical in authorizing incidental takes during one year of the larger project, which is expected to support more than 10,000 jobs, many going to Local 798 members.

Sign the petition below that we will submit to the NMFS before the public comment period ends on August 17!

About the project: The backbone of the Alaska LNG Project is an 800-mile, 42-inch diameter pipeline. With a daily capacity of 3.3 billion cubic feet, multiple compressor stations along the pipeline will help carry natural gas from the North Slope to Southcentral Alaska. Multiple interconnection points along the pipeline will provide for in-state gas distribution.

*PLEASE NOTE: Local 798 may submit your signature to state and federal regulatory bodies, as well as elected officials to support the Alaska LNG Project.

Dear Ms. Davis:

I stand with Pipeliners Local 798 in strong support of the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation's Alaska LNG Project, a critical investment in the state's economic and energy future, as it seeks an incidental harassment authorization (IHA).

Over the course of several years, the project has undergone extensive environmental studies. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)'s final Environmental Impact Statement for Alaska LNG, issued in March 2020, in particular, was based on more than 150,000 pages of data and responses to 1,800 environmental and engineering data requests. The final EIS found the project's environmental impacts "would not be significant or would be reduced to less than significant levels with the implementation of proposed" mitigation measures. The EIS was among several assessments that collectively influenced FERC to issue its approval of the project in May 2020.

Alaska LNG has also received several approvals from federal decision makers, including a Letter of Recommendation from the U.S. Coast Guard to FERC in 2016 to approve construction.

I understand that Local 798's support for this project does not come lightly. Environmental responsibility is a critical consideration in the construction process of any Local 798 infrastructure project. Members are highly-trained on how to perform tasks while also caring for the surrounding environment. These men and women treat the land as if it were their own during all aspects of the construction process, and the Alaska LNG Project will be no different.

Overall, I support the Alaska LNG Project due to the following key benefits:

  • Create up to 10,000 jobs during design and construction – many of which belong to Local 798 members in Alaska. Additionally, there could be approximately 1,000 operational jobs;
  • Significantly reduce barriers to further exploration on the North Slope and provide reliable, reasonably priced, fuel for domestic projects;
  • Provide Alaskan residential consumers with long-term affordable gas supply for power generation, home heating and other needs;
  • Set precedent for increased exploration of domestic gas reserves to supply LNG exports beyond 30 years;
  • Generate a critical and expansive revenue source for Alaska.

The Alaska Gasline Development Corporation continues to work closely with the Alaska State Legislature, local governments, utilities and the public to identify the most appropriate locations for in-state gas interconnections, and it has consistently engaged in an open dialogue with administration, legislature, and municipalities to ensure the Alaska LNG Project is built environmentally responsibly.

This is why I urge the National Marine Fisheries Service to issue an incidental harassment authorization without delay.


Alaska LNG Project Supporter

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