Comment Period Ends May 25: Sign Our Petition to FERC

In March 2022, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission announced it was suspending new policies for important natural gas projects that would require additional review of environmental impacts during construction and operation. In announcing the rules’ conversion to draft status, FERC Chairman Richard Glick noted that the commission is seeking more input before implementing such policies.

Stand with Local 798 in opposing these cumbersome and dangerous rules!

We submitted this petition with approximately 1,600 signatures before the 1st round of comments were due on April 25. Help us reach our goal of 2,500! Sign our petition below that we will submit to FERC before the comment period ends on May 25. 


Re: Updated Certificate Policy Statement and Interim GHG Policy Statement

Dear Secretary Bose:

I proudly stand with Pipeliners Local 798 in opposition to FERC’s Updated Certificate Policy Statement and Interim GHG Policy Statement.

Like many American energy consumers, I am concerned that as drafted, the new rules will increase delays in the already muddled permitting process for natural gas and LNG infrastructure projects, ultimately making it even more difficult to deliver affordable and reliable energy to homes and businesses at a time of exponentially rising energy costs and geopolitical instability.

When drafting the revised Updated Certificate Policy Statement and Interim GHG Policy Statement, I believe FERC should consider the following concerns:

  • It is critical, especially at this time of rising energy costs and geopolitical uncertainties, that policymakers ensure the permitting process for natural gas and LNG infrastructure is streamlined and consistent with other fair policies already on the books;
  • Conditional language and the decision to review permits on a case-by-case basis is certain to add more delays to vital energy infrastructure, which will deny good jobs for our nation’s craftsmen and threaten access to domestic sources of reliable energy;
  • The growing use of natural gas is a key reason why the U.S. has reduced emissions to generational lows. Policymakers should be seeking transparent and fair paths for these infrastructure projects instead of adding more roadblocks and burdens within the permitting process.

During this time when American families are dealing with the burden of rising energy costs and the uncertainties of geopolitical instability, our nation’s policymakers should be working to ensure a streamlined, fair and consistent path of review for energy infrastructure projects. I hope the commission takes this into account when developing new policies.

I appreciate the opportunity to submit the above concerns.


2,032 signatures

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