Tell Secretary Granholm We Need Energy Infrastructure

President Biden’s new Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has noted that the administration will support U.S. liquefied natural gas exports and wants the gas sector to get cleaner.

Local 798 is committed to upgrading and modernizing pipelines to reduce emissions and grow energy infrastructure across the country. Tell Secretary Granholm that Local 798 is committed to building safe, reliable pipelines to deliver the energy of today and in the future.

Dear Secretary Granholm,

Local 798 has over 6,000 hard-working and highly skilled union workers that rely on the upgrade and modernization of energy pipelines across the country for family-sustaining wages.

The loss of the prospective man hours on pipeline modernization projects is devastating to Local 798 members and their families. The continued denial of pipeline permits is also an uninformed step and may prevent the implementation of those clean energy technologies of the future. Without an updated and modern pipeline system, our country cannot bring businesses and consumers affordable, reliable power and protect our planet in the process.

In fact, pipelines in the United States that today are being used to transport natural gas and LNG will transport renewable natural gas and Hydrogen tomorrow. As a result, the modernization and upgrade of pipelines allows for an energy network that will remain a key piece of our country’s infrastructure as we continuously progress to deliver much-needed energy sources.

The truth is modernizing pipeline infrastructure is crucial to reducing emissions now and will support the transport of renewable energy sources in the future. Without a viable energy network built by the skilled laborers, like the members of Local 798, the safe and efficient transport of renewable sources in the future is not possible.


Supporter of the American Energy Industry

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