Tell FERC to Approve Dominion's West Loop Project!

I stand in strong support of Dominion Energy’s West Loop Pipeline Project. 

It is imperative that we prioritize clean, domestically sourced energy in the Midwest and support the expansion of existing natural gas pipeline capacity through projects such as Dominion's West Loop Pipeline Project. Investment in new infrastructure will ensure continued economic growth, job security and critical tax generation for communities surrounding the project route. This is in addition to the lowered energy costs for families and small business owners in Ohio and Pennsylvania. 

Dominion Energy has demonstrated a commitment to safety and quality on it's pipelines by consistently hiring Union labor. Local 798, a trades union that represents the nation’s best industry laborers, represents nearly 1,000 members in Pennsylvania and Ohio who depend on infrastructure projects such as this to provide for their families. Delays in permit issuance could be devastating to these laborers.  

The West Loop Project is a substantial investment in both states’ energy infrastructure, providing an opportunity to put local men and women to work and helping Americans gain access to affordable, reliable, domestically-produced and environmentally responsible energy.  

I support the West Loop Pipeline Project and urge FERC to issue necessary permits without delay. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Local 798 may submit your signature to state and federal regulatory bodies, as well as elected officials to support the West Loop project.

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