Comment Period Ends July 5: Sign our Comment to FERC

Tellurian's Driftwood Line 200 and Line 300 pipeline project is designed to supply gas to Tellurian’s proposed Driftwood LNG terminal in Louisiana and will supply good jobs. Sign our petition supporting this important project.

We submitted this petition to FERC with nearly 2,000 signatures on July 5, 2022 during its comment period for the project's Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

RE: Docket Nos. CP21-465-000, CP21-465-001, CP21-465-002; Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Driftwood Line 200 and 300 Pipeline Project

Dear Secretary:

I am submitting this comment in support of Tellurian's Driftwood Line 200 and Line 300 project, an investment of more than a billion dollars in the southeast region's natural gas infrastructure network. This dual pipeline project will provide essential increased access to Haynesville sourced natural gas, helping to meet the growing demand for this clean-burning energy source.

In its DEIS, FERC concluded that project impacts would "not be significant" assuming that Driftwood implements its impact avoidance, minimization and mitigation measures and adheres to FERC recommendations. I see no reason why FERC would come to a different conclusion for its final EIS given that Driftwood has a proven track record of building and operating pipelines that prioritize safety for its employees, contractors and surrounding communities. Like all Driftwood projects, the Line 200 and Line 300 project is designed to meet or exceed state and federal safety requirements.

I believe this project should receive necessary permits for the following key reasons:

  • FERC concluded in its DEIS that project impacts would "not be significant" given Driftwood's implementation of its impact avoidance, minimization and mitigation measures and adherence to the commission's recommendations;
  • Once in operation, the project will increase critical access to locally sourced natural gas, providing reliable energy and supporting efforts to lower carbon emissions;
  • It will support approximately 1,500 jobs during construction and several permanent jobs for local craftsmen;
  • Construction is expected to generate $4.9 million in tax revenue, which can be invested in libraries, public parks and other community services.

Due to the reasons discussed above, I urge FERC and other decision makers to issue necessary permits for the Line 200 and Line 300 project without delay so the residents, business owners and workers can enjoy the many associated benefits.


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