We Will Submit on March 15: Sign Our Petition to FERC

Tellurian's Driftwood LNG Project is in its final stretch of the permitting process. The FERC Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity is one of the last permits needed to push this important project over the line. The project's FEIS was issued on September 15, 2022. It is time for our federal regulator to issue the Certificate so the project team can start the implementation planning and execution of Driftwood!

On March 15, we submitted the below petition with 1,270 signatures to FERC urging the Commission to address this Certificate during their next meeting or simply to provide Tellurian a notational vote. We will continue to collect signatures in anticipation of additional opportunities to express our support to FERC.

Dear Secretary Bose:

I stand with Pipeliners Local 798 in supporting Tellurian's Driftwood Line 200 and Line 300 project and urging the Commission to issue the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for this project, or at least discuss the Certificate during its next meeting.  

The project's FEIS, issued on September 15, 2022, is about as clean of an EIS that has ever been issued, with only 16 conditions (all but 3 are standard generic conditions that occur in any Certificate). It has been 6 months now since the FEIS was issued, and the team is eager to start the implementation planning and execution of this project. 

The Driftwood Line 200 and Line 300 project deserves to promptly receive the FERC Certificate for the following key reasons:

  • Tellurian demonstrated a significant commitment to helping meet our national GHG and methane reduction goals by deploying sealed, break-through technology for the electric compression and nitrogen actuated valves that have zero emissions. This is to specifically meet the President's and the FERC agenda to mitigate our greenhouse gases to the tune of capital impact of ~$365MM. This commitment will ultimately help reduce our GHG footprint by 99.3%;
  • Project leaders have addressed all Environmental Justice considerations to ensure Driftwood's operation will be environmentally responsible while providing economic benefits in the form of good jobs for local craftsmen and philanthropic investments into area communities, in addition to all the direct buying and tax benefits associated with construction and operation;
  • The FEIS outlined very minimal environmental impacts or consequences which all can be mitigated;
  • Commission Chairman Willie Phillips has been touting that under his leadership he is freeing up and releasing certificates to give project sponsors regulatory certainty and assurance of gas supply to the US. This is the perfect project for him to approve to demonstrate his leadership.

The Driftwood Line 200 and Line 300 project represents an investment of more than a billion dollars in the southeast region's natural gas infrastructure network, set to provide essential increased access to locally sourced natural gas. This is why I urge the Commission to issue the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity without delay.


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