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Despite bipartisan pressure from senators earlier this year, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) continues to delay review on important energy projects, creating significant obstacles in meeting energy demand across the country. Further inaction jeopardizes good jobs for industry craftsmen and threatens the nation’s economic and energy future.

Sign our petition below imploring FERC to commit to closing review for these critical permits NOW!

Dear Secretary Reese:

Knowing of the growing need for reliable and affordable energy, I urge FERC to resume permitting review of natural gas infrastructure projects.

The projects pending before the Commission, some for more than a year now, are critical to addressing energy supply challenges, and they would provide good jobs for the U.S. workers, many being members of Pipeliners Local 798, a proud trades union that represents more than 7,000 of the nation’s most skilled and dedicated craftsmen.

This issue is not partisan: In April 2021, a group of 25 bipartisan senators signed a letter imploring FERC to resolve its permitting review, primarily citing the necessity to promptly advance projects along the permitting process “that create jobs and bring other economic and environmental benefits to communities.” 

A strong natural gas infrastructure network provides critical benefits through lower energy costs, reduced carbon emissions, manufacturing resurgences and movement towards energy independence. Ongoing permitting delays for pipeline projects deprive Americans of these benefits and contribute to anxiety over an uncertain energy and economic future.

I implore FERC to resolve its permitting review of natural gas projects for the following key reasons:

  • Many of the projects currently pending before the Commission, some pending for more than a year now, directly address pipeline capacity constraints that deprive consumers the benefits associated with affordable, reliable and clean-burning natural gas;
  • Modernizing our nation’s pipeline infrastructure ensures the efficient and safe delivery of natural gas resources and generates economic growth across communities within these projects’ footprint;
  • The pending infrastructure projects collectively represent substantial private sector investment and thus deserve the Commission’s fair and timely consideration;
  • Review and permitting delays continue to hold hostage critical jobs across the country, many belonging to Local 798 members;
  • Further inaction from the Commission threatens our economic and energy future, particularly in “energy states” such as Pennsylvania.

Due to the reasons discussed above, I stand with Pipeliners Local 798, other industry craftsmen and concerned energy consumers in urging FERC to promptly take action, consistent with its current Policy Statement, on natural gas infrastructure projects that are pending before the Commission.


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