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After six years of proposals, protests and legal challenges, Enbridge has secured the last permits needed from state and federal governments to finish constructing the Line 3 pipeline, bringing the project a step closer to construction.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has been criticized by both supporters and opponents of the project for his administration’s handling of the permitting issue. Join Local 798 in thanking his administration for helping to put pipeliners back to work in Minnesota!

Dear Governor Walz,

I am grateful that your administration issued the final state permits necessary to initiate construction on Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Project, bringing the project another step closer to construction.

The decision by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to issue a Section 401 water quality certification under the Clean Water Act for the project, as well as a wastewater permit and an approval for an air emissions cap, is based on sound science and strikes the balance between protecting natural resources and allowing reasonable development. The MPCA’s thorough analysis ensures that necessary safeguards are in place to protect Minnesota’s waters. Notably, the 401 certification requires Enbridge to meet Minnesota’s extensive water quality standards instead of lower federal standards.

Line 3 is an opportunity for Minnesota to welcome a multi-billion-dollar infrastructure project at no cost to the taxpayers. This project will protect Minnesota’s environment, grow its economy, and put laborers across the state back to work. As a supporter of pipeliners who are well trained and experienced in safe pipeline construction, I appreciate your administration’s willingness to end the obstruction and continue moving toward Minnesota’s energy future.

This economic lifeline will put hundreds of pipeliners back to work, safely bring Line 3 back up to original capacity to meet the energy needs of homeowners and businesses and generate critical tax revenue in each county the project intersects, while providing a multi-billion-dollar boost to the regional economy.

The people of Minnesota deserve the tremendous economic and energy benefits associated with this critical infrastructure project. This is why I support Line 3 and thank your administration for issuing the final approvals necessary to start construction.


Line 3 Replacement Project Supporter

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