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TC Energy is seeking federal approval for the GTN XPress Project, a critical investment in the Gas Transmission Northwest pipeline infrastructure network in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. The project, which specifically includes modifications and upgrades to compressor stations along the pipeline, will help meet growing regional needs for natural gas while supporting good jobs for local craftsmen. TC Energy has requested that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approve the project by mid-October 2022.

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Dear Secretary:

I stand with Pipeliners Local 798 in support of TC Energy’s Gas Transmission Northwest Pipeline (GTN) XPress Project. This is a $335 million investment in the natural gas infrastructure and delivery network in Oregon, Washington and Idaho that will help meet increased market demand across the region.

As the company’s largest pipeline investment, GTN currently provides a critical service delivering reliable, cost-effective natural gas from Western Canada and the Rocky Mountains to local utilities and facilities across the Pacific Northwest and California. The GTN XPress Project will ensure this system continues to safely deliver this energy source to families and businesses across the region.

I support the GTN XPress Project for the following key reasons:

  • Projects like this are necessary to meet the region’s growing demand for clean-burning natural gas, which has made up a larger portion of the electricity mix in Oregon, in particular, in recent years as the state phases out coal;
  • Investment in the GTN pipeline system will ensure reliable energy delivery for nearly half a million average American homes and businesses;
  • A $335 million investment, GTN is TC Energy’s largest-ever organic growth opportunity, supporting good jobs for local craftsmen and generating substantial economic activity.

Residents, business owners and community members across the Pacific Northwest are counting on investments like the GTN XPress Project to help the natural gas delivery network continue to meet their daily energy needs. This is why I urge the swift approval of necessary permits for this project.


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