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In late 2021, Navigator CO2 Venture initiated the permitting process for a critical expansion of its Heartland Greenway CO2 Pipeline Transportation and Sequestration System. This is a robust Carbon Capture & Storage (CSS) project that will generate good jobs for Midwest craftsmen and critical tax revenue for local communities while providing biofuel producers and other customers in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota with a cost-effective way to reduce their carbon footprint.

Sign our petition below supporting Heartland Greenway and the pipeliner jobs it will generate, many belonging to Local 798 members. We will submit this with all signatures to the appropriate governing body during upcoming comment periods.

Dear [Official]:

I am proud to stand with Pipeliners Local 798 to support the expansion of Navigator CO2 Venture's Heartland Greenway CO2 Pipeline Transportation and Sequestration System.

Heartland Greenway is one of the first large-scale, commercially viable CCS projects to be developed domestically, and it will provide biofuel producers and other customers in five Midwest states with an affordable way to reduce their carbon footprint while supporting good jobs for the regional workforce and generating critical tax revenue.

Once complete, this comprehensive project will help customers safely and efficiently transport captured CO2 through a reliable 1,300-mile pipeline network built by America's skilled craftsmen, many of whom are Local 798 members who depend on energy infrastructure projects to provide for their families. 

Overall, I support Heartland Greenway for these key reasons:

  • The system will have capacity to annually capture and store the equivalent of emissions from 3.2 million vehicles. This CO2 will be stored in a safe, secure underground site that has at most a minimal environmental impact;
  • Navigator CO2 Venture has demonstrated its commitment to returning impacted land to its pre-construction conditions (if not better) by retaining a specialized restoration company specifically to develop and execute a construction mitigation and restoration plan;
  • Heartland Greenway would join a strong network of existing and proposed CCS projects that, together, have capacity to reduce global CO2 emissions by almost 20%.

Navigator CO2 Venture has demonstrated that it values the rural industries and landscapes that Heartland Greenway will traverse, as it continues to build strong, long-standing partnerships with landowners and regulators in order to construct the most responsible and efficient infrastructure possible. 

Residents, business owners, landowners, workers and other community members across the Midwest are poised to benefit from Heartland Greenway. This is why I am proud to sign my name and urge regulators and other decision makers to issue necessary permits for this project without delay.


[Names below]

**Local 798 will submit this petition to state and federal regulators and other decision makers to support Heartland Greenway.**

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