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The Illinois Commerce Commission is accepting written comments on Navigator CO2's Heartland Greenway pipeline as it seeks a certificate of authority from the state (under a 2011 Illinois state law, pipelines must receive this certificate before construction).

Help us send a message of support for this project, which is designed to transport captured CO2 through five states to Illinois for underground storage while creating good pipeliner jobs. 

Dear Commissioners:

I am proud to support Navigator CO2 Venture's Heartland Greenway CO2 Pipeline Transportation and Sequestration System as it seeks a certificate of authority from the Illinois Commerce Commission.

This project is designed to safely and efficiently transport captured CO2 through a reliable pipeline network built and maintained by skilled craftsmen, many of whom are Pipeliners Local 798 members.

Deploying Carbon Capture projects at this large of a scale requires robust governance and transparency to ensure responsible construction and operation. Navigator understands this, as it continues to build strong, transparent partnerships with landowners and regulators.

Some specific reasons why the Heartland Greenway pipeline deserves the certificate of authority and other approvals include:

  • Navigator has demonstrated its commitment to safety and quality by looking to the most highly skilled Union craftsmen – including many Local 798 members – to build this pipeline infrastructure, in addition to retaining a specialized restoration company specifically to develop and execute a construction mitigation and restoration plan;
  • The greenhouse gas emissions that the system will remove from the atmosphere - and store safely underground - is the equivalent of 3.2 million vehicles;
  • The project has already earned bipartisan support, including more than $8 billion in subsidies from the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law;
  • The proposed pipeline would cross 13 counties in Illinois and create significant opportunities in the state, including more than 3,500 jobs during peak construction. Capital investment in Illinois is also estimated at $795 million;
  • This is designed as a dynamic project with several on-ramps and off-ramps, allowing it to supply carbon for every-day products like food, beverages and dry ice.

I stand with residents, business owners, landowners and workers from across the region in supporting Heartland Greenway, specifically as the project seeks a certificate of authority from this Commission. 


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**Local 798 may submit this petition to state and federal regulators and other decision makers to support Heartland Greenway.**

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