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Some members of the Iowa House of Representatives are suggesting legislation that restricts development of carbon dioxide capture pipelines, including those that are already in the works across the state. One of the impacted projects is Navigator CO2's Heartland Greenway, one of the first large-scale, commercially viable carbon capture projects to be developed in the nation.

We submitted the below letter to Speaker Pat Grassley on March 2, urging him and his colleagues to reject proposals that deny CO2 pipeline developers the ability to use eminent domain to secure the right-of-way. We are continuing to collect signatures in anticipation of a followup submission. Add your name!

Dear Speaker Grassley:

I stand with Pipeliners Local 798 in urging Iowa state leaders to oppose legislation that hinders, prevents or stops development of critical CO2 pipeline projects.

These projects already play a key role in the regional efforts to lower carbon emissions while ensuring access to reliable, affordable energy. Iowa is uniquely situated as a leader in the biofuels industry to spearhead efforts of carbon management, and the proposed legislation in question will only hold the state back from its carbon neutrality goals and deny communities good jobs and economic benefits.

Two pieces in the proposed legislation are particularly concerning:

  • A temporary moratorium on new CO2 projects: This prohibits Navigator CO2 from expanding the Heartland Greenway project, even though project developers already have at least 6 more ethanol plants contracted to be part of Phase II in the state, and;
  • Requirement of a 90% threshold before granting eminent domain: This seems to only apply to CO2 pipelines, which is especially alarming because these projects help expand the market potential for corn-based ethanol and other locally sourced goods while also creating significant employment opportunities for skilled industry craftsmen and generating tax revenue and subsequent economic activity across communities.

Navigator CO2's Heartland Greenway, in particular, is one of the first large-scale, commercially viable carbon capture projects to be developed in the United States. Other CO2 projects have been under development for some time, and legislation being discussed by the House would unfairly change the permitting rules in the middle of the process, well after developers have made significant investments based on existing rules.

CO2 projects are significant investments in Iowa's economic and energy future. It's also important to note that residents, business owners and workers that supply equipment, products and services to farming rely on a thriving farm sector dependent on corn grown for ethanol.

Due to the above concerns, I urge you and your colleagues to oppose legislation that stops or prevents development of critical CO2 pipeline projects and instead work towards solutions that support a reliable energy system.

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