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Oregon is among other entities seeking a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission rehearing on the Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas project following FERC’s conditional approval of the project in March 2020. Jordan Cove has been obtaining federal and local-level approvals but continues to face obstacles at the state level. This is a critical project that can give thousands of industry workers good-paying jobs. 

Help us send a strong message to Governor Brown and other state leaders that you support the Jordan Cove Project! Sign our petition below!

Governor Brown:

I am writing to voice my support for the Jordan Cove Energy Project. As Americans face unprecedented economic challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, I strongly encourage you and other state decision makers to re-examine the Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas project as a critical component to invigorating economic growth and supply chains in the Pacific Northwest.

Jordan Cove meets the high standards of design, public benefit and environmental preservation that is outlined under the Natural Gas Act, which the basis for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission recent issuance of the conditional approval for the project in March.

Job growth and economic stimulation is event more important now, as hundreds of thousands of Oregonians are experiencing tremendous hardships due to the COVID-19 crisis. The Jordan Cove Energy project offers immediate and long-lasting relief and a pathway for economic revitalization. This $10 billion project would be the largest private economic development investment in Southern Oregon’s history.

I support the Jordan Cove Energy Project because it will:

  • Support more than 6,000 jobs at peak construction and more than 8,500 spin off jobs in sectors like hospitality, tourism, healthcare and retail;
  • Generate approximately $60 million in new tax revenue annually for Southern Oregon and the South Coast;
  • Commit more than $500 million to local community investments in projects such as schools, infrastructure, public safety and the rehabilitation of the Coos waterfront through the Jordan Cove Community Enhancement Plan;
  • Contribute an average of $50 million annually to Oregon in state taxes to support critical public services, including public education, libraries, roads, and public safety; and
  • Invest hundreds of millions of dollars in port modernization, safety and security enhancements, tidal monitoring systems and first responder training.

Most importantly, Jordan Cove will create thousands of jobs for the regional workforce and generate critical tax revenue for our communities, while spurring activity that will help strengthen local, state and regional economies for decades to come. All this is in addition to the clear environmental benefits of increased access to clean-burning natural gas.

I urge you to weigh the tremendous long-term benefits for Oregonians and other residents across our region when considering this important project.


Jordan Cove Energy Project Supporter

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