Tell U.S. Senators You Support Keystone XL

The fate of the Keystone XL Pipeline may very well be decided in the first days of the Biden presidency. His administration will make a decision vital to the Keystone XL project: making an unprecedented move to revoke the existing and valid Presidential permit for the pipeline to transport crude oil across the U.S. - Canada border; or allowing it to stand, thereby continuing the project's construction to completion and service.

Sign the letter below, and join Local 798 in telling U.S. Senators to share with cabinet nominees that they support keeping the cross-border Presidential permit in place, which will allow Keystone XL to move forward.

Dear Senator: 

As the new administration submits nominees to key energy-related Cabinet and Agency positions for Senate confirmation, I wanted to convey my strong support for the Keystone XL Pipeline. I'm asking that when you visit with them, you stress how important this project is to America's workers, businesses and our economy, and strongly recommend that they advise President Biden to maintain the pipeline's cross-border permits.

Construction of Keystone XL has created or will create over 42,000 jobs. All of the pipeline project contractors' work forces are union workers earning family-supporting incomes directly from Keystone XL construction. These jobs are especially critical in today's COVID-challenged job market. Not completing this project would devastate countless construction worker families, along with many small business people and their families, who are supplying equipment, materials and services to the job. Sending these people home without jobs right after the holidays is unthinkable!

The project has also changed significantly since it was conceived. TC Energy has committed to utilize only union labor to build Keystone XL in the United States, resulting in up to 8,000 jobs and $900 million in union wages in 2021 alone. As part of this, the company is creating a $10 million Green Jobs Training Fund to help union members prepare for the future.

Keystone XL has also signed agreements with Indigenous communities to become equity owners in the project and realize transformational long-term economic benefits. This is in addition to the more than $500 million expected to be spent with Indigenous contractors, businesses and workers during construction.

Please convey these messages to all of the President's nominees you meet with, but especially forcefully to nominees for the Departments of Labor, Interior, State, Energy, Commerce, Transportation and the EPA.

Thank you for understanding how important this project is to me personally, my family, the business I work for, and especially for the tens of thousands of workers and families in the larger community of stakeholders. It's critical to all of us that construction of Keystone XL continues to move forward as planned.


KXL Supporter

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