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WhiteWater Midstream, LLC’s Matterhorn Express Pipeline is seeking permits necessary to begin service in late 2024. This is a significant investment in Texas' natural gas network: an approximately 490-mile, 42-inch intrastate pipeline designed to transport up to 2.5 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) of natural gas from the Permian Basin to the Katy area near Houston, Texas.

The company's interest in hiring union workers for Matterhorn Express is currently unclear. As this project moves through the permitting process, it's important that we send a message to WhiteWater Midstream leadership of the importance of hiring union workers - particularly Local 798 members - as well as the tremendous efforts our members and supporters consistently put forth to advocate for pipeline projects.

Sign our letter that we will submit to WhiteWater Chief Executive Officer Christer Rundolf telling him to look to union members to work on Matterhorn Express.

Dear Mr. Rundolf:

As a community member concerned with the safety and quality of energy infrastructure, my hope is that you will consider using union craftsmen, particularly members of Pipeliners Local 798, to construct the Matterhorn Express Pipeline. Local 798 represents thousands of the best workers in this industry, more than 1,000 of whom live and work in Texas. 

Local 798 has generations of experience constructing quality infrastructure that connects communities to critical energy resources. These projects include Enbridge's Line 3 Replacement Project, the Mountain Valley Pipeline, Nexus Pipeline, among numerous others. I can assure you there is no better team to construct the Matterhorn Express Pipeline than Local 798. 

I understand that hiring contractors working with unions can increase your initial bottom line. However, I believe you can agree that a price tag cannot be placed on quality, safety and professionalism. Local 798 has a strong track record of fostering safe workplaces, protecting the environment and building strong communities in the places that intersect their projects. 

Local 798 also has an impressive record of orchestrating advocacy campaigns for pipeline projects. Since launching the American Pipeline Action Network in 2017, members have driven tens of thousands of fellow members and industry supporters to sign petitions, contact elected officials and regulators and take other actions to support important infrastructure projects and to influence legislation impacting their livelihood.

The Matterhorn Express Pipeline project provides critical opportunities for union craftsmen right here in Texas who depend on these jobs to provide for their families. If given the opportunity, Local 798 will help build a safe and environmentally protective pipeline. Please trust in their abilities and the benefits that can be realized by extending a hand to Local 798.


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