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On April 21, U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm submitted a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission highlighting the urgent need for the Mountain Valley Pipeline, notably pointing to the long-delayed project, which still sits at nearly 94% complete, as a strategic asset for the administration's goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Join us in sending a strong message echoing Secretary Granholm’s push to swiftly approve any further regulatory authorizations. 

**Submission Update: On May 16, we prepared this petition with 2,066 signatures to submit to FERC, the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and the chairs of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce and Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. If you add your name now, we may use your name on future submissions to decision makers to support MVP.

Dear Mr. Chairman and Commissioners:

In light of the recent letter from Secretary Jennifer Granholm regarding Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP)’s potential to enhance the country’s energy security and supply, I am proud to stand in support of this project with countless industry craftsmen, advocates and elected officials who have pushed for its completion, including Senator Joe Manchin.

MVP is a long-delayed multi-billion-dollar investment in the region's energy infrastructure network that has already put thousands of men and women to work, many of whom are dedicated members of Pipeliners Local 798. Once complete, it will help millions of Americans gain access to affordable, reliable and domestically sourced energy.

As Secretary Granholm noted in her April letter to the Commission, MVP would be a strategic asset for the Biden Administration's goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, specifically playing “an important role as part of the clean energy transition". That is just one of several benefits that she pointed to, including:

  • New pipeline infrastructure is necessary to support the rapid growth of hydrogen as an emissions-free fuel, as well as to transport carbon dioxide for immediate use or sequestration;
  • MVP is designed to move 2.0 Bcf/d of natural gas and is intended to further alleviate pipeline congestion. This will be crucial in unlocking additional natural gas supplies and delivery, which will then help enhance regional and national energy security;
  • Natural gas projects like MVP can help ensure the reliable delivery of energy that heats homes and businesses, and powers electric generators that support the reliability of the electric system;
  • Adequate pipeline and transmission capacity is particularly important to maintaining energy reliability and security, especially as extreme weather events continue to strain the U.S. energy system.

There is already an existing extensive public record of MVP’s collaborative efforts and transparency, as well as mitigation requirements in place. Company leaders have also demonstrated a continued commitment to work with FERC to ensure consumers have access to reliable, cost-effective, and clean energy. This is why I urge the swift approval of any final necessary permits for this project.


[Names below]

*Local 798 may include your name on submissions of this petition to the Federal Regulatory Energy Commission and other federal and state decision makers.*

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