Take Action Before August: Sign Our Petition to FERC

Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) has requested the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission grant a four-year extension - until October 13, 2026 - to the deadline for completing the 303-mile natural gas pipeline in West Virginia and Virginia. Court rulings striking down government-issued permits for the pipeline made it clear that construction would not be completed by this Oct. 13, a deadline set two years ago by FERC.

Sign our petition below that we will submit to FERC before they decide on the deadline extension in early August 2022. We submitted a variation of this petition to FERC with more than 2,000 signatures in 2020 when MVP requested the two-year extension that expires this October. 

Subject: Mountain Valley Pipeline Docket Nos. CP16-10-000, CP21-57-000, and CP19-477-000; Request for Extension of Time

Dear Secretary Bose:

I stand with Local 798 in support of Mountain Valley Pipeline’s request for the Commission to grant an extension of time until October 2026 to complete construction and place the project facilities into service.

Local 798 is proud to be part of this project. Since the issuance of the Commission's original order, our members worked with MVP diligently to complete timely construction of the project in a safe and environmentally-protective manner. The project has been studied extensively by state and federal regulators and, despite unforeseen litigation and permitting delays, is now 94 percent complete.

Legal challenges to project permits have periodically stopped construction and, as a result, prevented the region and nation from taking advantage of the benefits that this important project will provide. The company is working with federal regulators to resolve these issues and now hopes to finish work on the project by the end of 2023. 

Once fully constructed, MVP will immediately be an impactful and important part of our nation’s energy infrastructure and will provide access to the domestic supplies of affordable and reliable natural gas that homes and businesses need. It will generate new tax revenue for localities along the route, and it will strengthen national security by furthering our country’s energy independence.

Local 798 looks forward to getting back to work and finishing this project so that it can help meet public demand for domestically sourced energy. For these reasons, I ask that the Commission extends MVP’s Certificate Order as requested.

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