Comment Period Ends Feb. 6: Sign Our Comment to the USFS

The U.S. Forest Service is accepting public comments on the supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for Mountain Valley Pipeline's 42-inch underground transmission pipeline crossing National Forest Service lands in the Jefferson National Forest. This is the latest regulatory review of the project that has faced numerous delays and cost increases since it was announced in 2014. 

We closed this action with nearly 2,300 signatures early Friday morning, February 3 to prepare the mail submission to the Forest Service and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission urging the swift review of this forest-crossing permit, and any other outstanding permits and authorizations, so this critical project can be completed. 

We also encourage you to submit your own comment to the Forest Service before the comment period ends on February 6. You will find a submission form at this link:

Dr. Homer Wilkes
Under Secretary
U.S. Department of Agriculture
c/o Jefferson National Forest
MVP Project
5162 Valleypointe Parkway
Roanoke, VA 24019

RE: Support for Mountain Valley Pipeline Project Crossing of Jefferson National Forest

Dear Under Secretary Wilkes:

As members of Pipeliners Local 798, a trades union representing the nation’s most skilled and dedicated industry craftsmen, we are pleased to submit this letter in support of Mountain Valley Pipeline’s application for a permit to cross the Jefferson National Forest. We support this permit application because we recognize this project’s completion and operation are critical for local, state and national economic and energy security.

MVP has already generated tremendous economic benefits and supported good jobs for workers in the Virginias, many of whom are members of Local 798, before legal challenges to project permits temporarily stopped construction. Our members depend on projects like MVP to support their families, and the region needs the natural gas that MVP will supply. This is why we have repeatedly voiced support over the past five years, and it is why we stand together again at this time.

The project has been studied extensively by state and federal regulators and, despite unforeseen litigation and permitting delays, is now 94 percent complete. Legal challenges to project permits have periodically stopped construction and, as a result, prevented the region and nation from taking advantage of the benefits that this important project will provide. The company is working with federal regulators to resolve these issues and now hopes to finish work on the project by the end of 2023; recently, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission affirmed the need for MVP to meet public demand and extended MVP’s certificate of convenience and public necessity. A permit to cross 3.5 miles of the Jefferson National Forest is essential to complete this project and fulfill the purpose of the federal certificate.

On behalf of the dedicated members of Local 798 and all who support the Mountain Valley Pipeline, we urge the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and other federal agencies to finalize their review of the MVP and issue the forest-crossing permit – and any other outstanding permits and authorizations – so construction of this critical infrastructure project can be completed.


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