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In December 2023, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved a three-year extension for Mountain Valley Pipeline to build a planned offshoot of its main natural gas pipeline - MVP Southgate - that would run from Pittsylvania County to North Carolina. Before construction on the extension can start, FERC needs to issue a notice to proceed after confirming the project has received all state and federal permits it needs. Two state permits, an air permit from Virginia and a water permit from North Carolina, are still outstanding.

Thousands of jobs are on the line with Southgate! Sign the below petition that we will submit to the appropriate decision makers during upcoming comment periods.

Dear [Official]:

I join Pipeliners Local 798 in urging FERC and other decision makers to approve Mountain Valley’s proposed Southgate Pipeline Project. This is an approximate $468 million investment in the economic and energy future of Virginia and North Carolina that will put local craftsmen to work, many of whom are highly-trained members of Local 798.

The Southgate Pipeline Project is critical to meet the substantial and growing need for natural gas in the region. PSNC Energy, a local distribution company serving central North Carolina, has already signed a long-term contract to receive natural gas from the pipeline in order to help serve its customers, including approximately 100,000 new natural gas customers it has added over the past decade. Delay in project approval would be particularly devastating to these customers.

I support the swift approval of Southgate due to the project’s following benefits:

  • inject $68 million directly into Virginia and $113 million into North Carolina’s economy;
  • support 570 jobs in Virginia and 1,130 jobs in North Carolina, many belonging to Local 798 members;
  • generate $10.4 million in tax revenue across the two states during construction, and, once operational, it will generate an estimated $4.6 million across the project areas;
  • help meet the growing need for natural gas in the region by transporting 375M cf/day to markets that need reliable energy; including the approximate 100,000 new natural gas customers served by PSNC Energy.

Safety and environmental integrity are central priorities at Local 798, which is why we do not offer support lightly. FERC staff stated that the project's potential adverse environmental impacts would be reduced to “less-than-significant levels" through implementation of its recommendations. The Pipeline Project team has demonstrated a commitment to this goal by making 191 route adjustments in response to feedback collected during the pre-filing process.

These alteration were made to protect streams, wetlands and cultural resources, as well as to minimize – or avoid – potential impacts to sensitive areas. Key changes included the reduction in the temporary right-of-way width at wetland and waterbody crossings, and a proposal based on recommendations from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to cross Cascade Creek, Wolf Island Creek and Deep Creek via conventional bore.

The pipeline will also be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year using sophisticated computerized systems and around-the-clock personnel. This regular monitoring will ensure pipeline integrity.

This project will help make a reliable supply of natural gas available for residents in the region, create thousands of jobs for the local workforce and generate millions of dollars in tax revenue, all while respecting the environment. This is why I ask that you issue necessary approvals for the MVP Southgate Project without delay.


[Names below]

*PLEASE NOTE: Local 798 submitted this comment below to FERC in September 2019 during its comment period for the Southgate Project's Environmental Impact Statement. We may submit your signature to state and federal regulatory bodies, as well as elected officials to support the project.

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