Tell Regulators: Issue MVP Water Permits

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has opened a public comment period through October 27 for the Section 401 Water Quality Certification for the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

MVP is seeking several permits to cross streams in Virginia and West Virginia to help push this long-delayed project towards completion. The crossing of roughly three hundred of these streams requires permit approval from the Army Corps, who will rely on input from both states, and the remaining crossings fall under Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) purview.

Sign our petition below that we will submit to the DEQ urging support for the necessary water crossing permits for MVP! We also encourage you to submit a written comment of your own to the DEQ. After you sign this petition, you will receive an email with guidance on where/how to submit your own comment.

Dear Secretary:

I support the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) and urge the swift approval of water crossing permits necessary for project completion.

MVP is a multi-billion-dollar investment in the region’s infrastructure network that has employed thousands of area craftsmen, many of whom are members of Pipeliners Local 798, a trades union that represents the nation's most dedicated and skilled industry workers. Once operational, MVP will be an immediately impactful part of the region’s energy infrastructure network, generating $10 million in annual property tax revenue in Virginia and providing key access to domestic supplies of affordable and reliable natural gas. 

MVP has been studied extensively by state and federal regulators and has earned key permits after thorough examination of the pipeline’s environmental impacts and commitment to safety. Project leaders continue to address concerns raised by environmentalists and government officials and has demonstrated a clear plan to finish construction once all necessary permits are in hand. MVP has also demonstrated its commitment to conservation by contributing $3.85 million to the Virginia Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts to support state water quality protection, restoration and improvement priorities.

I urge the swift approval of water crossing permits for the Mountain Valley Pipeline for the following reasons:

  • The MVP team has spent more than 6 years collaborating with state and federal agencies to develop plans to minimize environmental impacts. This work has resulted in hundreds of route modifications, many because of landowner requests, engineering considerations and efforts to avoid sensitive areas;
  • The project voluntarily purchased more than $150 million in carbon offsets, which will make MVP one of the first interstate natural gas pipelines to achieve carbon neutrality for its operational emissions;
  • MVP has already had a tremendous impact on state and local economies, putting 2,500 craftsmen to work during peak construction and generating critical economic activity in communities within the project footprint. Once operational, counties along the route are expected to receive an estimated $10 million annually in Virginia and $35 million annually in West Virginia;
  • Local communities will directly benefit from MVP, as Roanoke Gas Company and other local distributors will tap into this system to provide reliable energy to residents - namely in Franklin County, where there is currently zero access to natural gas - while making these areas more attractive for companies to relocate there;
  • Many of the wells drilled in the Marcellus and Utica shales lack the means to deliver natural gas to customers. It is critical that we prioritize clean, domestically sourced energy in the Virginias and support the expansion of the existing natural gas pipeline capacity through projects such as MVP.

Due to the reasons outlined above, I ask that you issue necessary water crossing permits for the Mountain Valley Pipeline without delay to ensure the long-delayed completion of this important natural gas project.


Mountain Valley Pipeline Project Supporter

**Local 798 may submit your name to other local and state decision makers in support of the Mountain Valley Pipeline**

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