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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has released the revised schedule for the completion of the environmental impact statement (EIS) for the Pacific Connector and Jordan Cove Energy Project, now expecting to issue the Notice of Availability of the final EIS by October 2019. As FERC continues to receive pressure to halt this critical project, we must send a strong message of support! Click below to sign the petition we will submit to FERC before the EIS public comment period ends on July 5.

Secretary Bose:

I am writing to voice my support for the Pacific Connector and Jordan Cove Energy Project. I urge the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to issue certificates for this project under the Natural Gas Act. This project is important to me and my community, and it meets the high standards of design, public benefit and environmental preservation that is outlined under the Natural Gas Act, and the DEIS fully informs the public and decision makers of the potential impacts of the project to the environment as required by the National Environmental Policy Act.

Jordan Cove is a $10 billion-dollar project, which would make it the largest private economic development investment in Southern Oregon’s history. The FERC must weigh the tremendous long-term benefits for our region when determining public benefit, including:

- Creating thousands of both direct and spin-off jobs during construction and operation;

- Supporting more than 6,000 jobs at peak construction and more than 8,500 spin off jobs in sectors like hospitality, retail, tourism and healthcare;

- Supporting more than 200 permanent direct positions during operation, and it is forecasted to create more than 1,500 permanent spin-off jobs during operations;

- Generating more than $60 million annually in average property tax revenue to Coos, Douglas, Jackson and Klamath counties;

- Contributing an average of $50 million annually to Oregon in state taxes to support critical public services, including public education, libraries, roads, and public safety;

- Spending approximately $100 million annually to operate the Jordan Cove offices. These annual purchases and household spending by employees would support the creation of an additional ~1,500 jobs in Oregon, more than $95 million in additional labor income, and more than $230 million in additional output for Oregon businesses;

- Bringing a new, innovative industry to the West Coast of the United States, which could reasonably result in additional increased economic activity at the Port of Coos Bay and with international trade industries;

- Investing hundreds of millions of dollars in port modernization, safety and security enhancements, tidal monitoring systems and first responder training;  

- Committing roughly $100 million in environmental projects, including restoring local wetlands to their natural state, which supports the rebounding of sensitive species like the Coho Salmon.

Please issue necessary permits for this important project without delay.


Pacific Connector and Jordan Cove Energy Project supporter

CC:      Governor Kate Brown

            Senator Ron Wyden

            Senator Jeff Merkley

            Representative Peter DeFazio

            Representative Greg Walden

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