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In 2019, the PennEast Pipeline refiled with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJ DEP) for the Freshwater Wetlands Permit application. The NJ DEP had rejected the original state permit application as "incomplete" in February 2018, weeks after the project received approval from FERC, due to information missing from landowners refusing to cooperate with land surveys. This wetlands permit is needed in order to begin construction in 2020 on the pipeline section through Northampton and Hunterdon counties. Add your name to the below petition that we will submit to the NJ DEP before the comment period ends!

Dear Secretary McCabe:

I am proud to join Pipeliners Local 798 in support of the PennEast Pipeline, a critical investment in the economic and energy future of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Investment in natural gas infrastructure in the Northeast has already enabled residents to access clean and cost-effective energy that has helped lower energy bills for households and small businesses and decrease our carbon footprint. The demand for reliable energy still outweighs the supply, however, particularly in New Jersey. Projects like PennEast are necessary to meet this growing need.

The New Jersey Freshwater Wetlands Permit application affirms the initial finding by federal regulators that the PennEast Pipeline can be built and operated in a way that "meets or exceeds modern safety standards and is safe for the environment."

Project leaders have held more than 60 meetings and conference calls and exchanged 65 pieces of correspondence with the New Jersey DEP since the project was first announced five years ago. PennEast is clearly committed to constructing the pipeline in the safest and most efficient manner that respects the impacted communities.

Specifically, I support the PennEast Pipeline due to the following benefits:

  • Generate more than $1.6 billion in short-term economic impact, followed by hundreds of millions in annual savings to electric and natural gas customers;
  • Contribute to decreasing carbon emissions in the region and improvement of air quality;
  • Reduce electric and gas costs for families and businesses by utilizing clean-burning and domestically sourced energy;
  • Support more than 12,000 jobs, approximately 2,500 of which will be direct planning and construction jobs.

I stand with Pipeliners Local 798 in requesting the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection issues the Freshwater Wetlands Permit for the PennEast Pipeline with no further delay. 


PennEast Pipeline Supporter

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