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The Transco pipeline system, which is also operated by Williams, transports natural gas from production areas to utility companies and power plants through its 10,200-mile pipeline. The current system does not have the capacity, however, to reach some critical southern markets. 

The Gulf Connector Expansion project will add 475,000 dekatherms per day of pipeline capacity to the Transco line, connecting producing regions in Louisiana to hungry commercial and residential markets in Texas. Most importantly to area residents, the expansion will carry enough natural gas to fuel millions more of American homes, schools and small businesses. All this will also increase the reliability of the region’s energy delivery system and positively impacting the economy in the Lone Star State and its northern neighbor. 

The expansion will immediately create thousands of jobs for hardworking men and women in Louisiana and Texas. And once in operation, permanent jobs will be in place for local laborers. New compressor stations in San Patricio, Victoria and Wharton Counties will require 24-hour staffing, and new businesses will thrive in these communities that experience a new-found economic diversity. This is not to mention the increased tax revenue generated that can be used to fund libraries, firehouses, schools and other public services. 

As Americans use natural gas as a heating fuel and for electric generation, and as the electric power sector shifts from petroleum and coal to natural gas, the demand for this clean energy resource will increase even more. The Gulf Connector Expansion is a key solution to this impending regional demand, and more projects like it is needed throughout the country to meet the national industry growth. 

I believe it is important to the economic and energy future of Louisiana and Texas and the surrounding Southern region that our elected officials and decision makers fully recognize the significance of this critical energy infrastructure project. Please support the Gulf Connecter Expansion and encourage the completion of this project without delay.

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