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The U.S. Supreme Court is deciding an eminent domain case pitting the State of New Jersey against the PennEast Pipeline Co. after hearing oral arguments in April 2021. In anticipation of possible advocacy opportunities on this front, add your name to our petition supporting this important project.

Natural gas has contributed billions to the national economy. The Northeast has emerged as a critical region in our country’s energy future. Pennsylvania and New Jersey are poised to be leading energy producing states. Yet, it is well documented that the region does not have the necessary infrastructure to connect these states’ gas production with consuming markets. 

The PennEast Pipeline will bring affordable, clean natural gas supplies to families and businesses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, while providing a welcomed economic boost to the region. The infrastructure is expected to generate more than $1.6 billion in short-term economic impact, followed by hundreds of millions in annual savings to electric and natural gas customers. This is not to mention the increased tax revenues and hundreds of millions of dollars in savings consumers will enjoy when they switch to natural gas.

There is clearly a growing demand for energy and as we look to resources to meet that demand, natural gas makes the most sense. It's reliable, cost-effective, and best of all - it's right here in our own backyard. Americans are eager for complete independence from foreign oil, and while renewable energy is a respectable long-term goal, we are not at a point where renewables are a viable option. Families simply cannot afford the costs, and our power grid cannot bank on an unreliable power source that is unable to meet our current power needs, let alone the power demands of future generation.

PennEast Pipeline is a multi-billion-dollar private investment the Northeastern energy infrastructure, providing an opportunity to put thousands of our local laborers to work, and helping millions of Americans gain access to affordable, reliable, environmentally responsible and domestically produced energy. The benefits associated with PennEast are exactly why elected officials work so hard to develop strategies for safe and responsible pipeline development that will bring resources to hungry markets in the Commonwealth and beyond.

I believe it is critical to the economic and energy future of our communities that our elected officials and decision makers fully recognize the significance of this proposed infrastructure. Please support the PennEast Pipeline, and encourage the completion of this project without delay.

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